Roku is the company that came up with the unique idea of streaming your favorite content in your living room on your Television set.

There are numerous devices that are affiliated with Roku at various pricing points. Some of which simply connects to the back of an existing TV. Roku streaming devices have been in the market since 2008 but have started gaining recognition quite recently.

In this article, we are going to talk about how you can restart your Roku device if it faces any issues. We will provide you with a step-by-step procedure, so keep on reading.

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Reasons Why You Would Need to Restart a Roku Device

We need first to understand some of the reasons why you would need to restart the Roku device. For instance:

  • If your Roku device has suddenly functioning and can’t act on your commands, then you should definitely go for restarting it
  • If there is an issue with the sound, it can be conveniently resolved by restarting the Roku device
  • In case of a black or blank screen, you can apply some of the below-mentioned techniques to restart
  • If your Roku device is not connecting to the internet, one of the best solutions is to restart it

How to Restart Roku TV in Easy Steps?

It is a well-known fact about most devices that if any problem is occurring, you can quickly get it fixed by restarting it.

The same is the case with a Roku TV device. But restarting a Roku device is not that easy, primarily because it doesn’t have any buttons on it. But don’t worry, we have come up with different solutions in that regard. And the procedure itself is not that hard.

Restarting Roku TV with Remote

A Roku device comes with a remote controller, which can be used in two different ways in order to restart the device (Read: Learn How to Connect Roku Using WiFi with No Remote and Get Access to Streaming Media Content)

  • By navigating to the settings page of the Home Menu
  • By pressing a sequence of buttons on the Roku TV remote

Let’s get into each of these methods one by one.

Restarting Roku TV by Home Menu Settings

Step 1: To access your home screen, press the Home button on your Roku remote.

Step 2: Continue scrolling down until you reach the “System” section.

Step 3: Under the System section, you will have to scroll down until you see the option to restart the system; select that.

Step 4: Hit the OK button on the remote to continue with the process.

Please note that if you own a Roku device that belongs to the first or second generation, then, unfortunately, this method is not meant for you.

Restarting Roku TV by Pressing a Sequence of Buttons

Step 1: The first step involves pressing the Home button a total of five times.

Step 2: Then, hit the “Up” button on the remote control.

Step 3: At this point, quickly press the Rewind button twice.

Step 4: Finally, you just need to press the fast forward button twice and the process is done.

Restarting Roku TV Without Remote

If you have lost the remote control of your Roku device, you don’t need to worry as there are methods of restarting your Roku device in other ways too. Like

  • Performing a Hard/Forced Restart
  • Installing the Roku TV application on your mobile device

Hard/Forced Restart

A Hard/Forced restart is performed by turning off the device first and then removing the power cord. After that, you have to wait for a few minutes before you connect the power cord to the electric supply again. Your Roku TV will automatically turn back on.

Install the Roku TV Application on Your Mobile Device

You can easily download the application from the Google Play store and all the Apple App stores on your mobile phone.

To go for this method, you need to make sure that your phone and Roku TV are both connected to the same wireless network, as it will establish a strong connection between the 2.

After completing the installation, you have to link it to your Roku TV. Now you will be able to control the Roku device using your mobile phone.

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Factory Reset Your Roku TV

Sometimes you may have to restart your Roku device again and again. This represents that if the problem is not going away, then you need to perform a factory reset for the Roku device.

After this, the personal preferences will be removed from the device, your Roku account will no longer be linked, and you will have to set up the device all over again.

The procedure is quite simple, and we have listed a few steps we need to follow.

Step 1: Using the remote control for your Roku device, press the Home button.

Step 2: Go to the bottom of the page and click on “Settings.”

Step 3: Select “Advanced system settings.”

Step 4: Now, you have to select the option to factory reset, and the process is done.

Another method of factory resetting your Roku TV is by using the reset button (or pinhole) built into the device that you can use to reset it. This will be on the bottom of the back of your device, depending on which one it is.

Either you will have to push the button for at least ten seconds or use a paperclip or bobby pin to poke the pinhole.

How to Watch Content from Roku TV Offline?

If you want to get rid of the hassle of restarting or resetting your Roku device time and again, what you can do is subscribe to an offline video downloader like FlixPal Roku Channel Downloader, and using this tool, you can simply download all your favorite TV shows and movies to binge-watch entirely offline.

Let’s look at some of the features.

  • FlixPal Roku Channel Downloader ensures a cinematic experience. The quality of audio, as well as video, will be top-notch and not distorted in any way
  • The downloader also offers subtitles which can also be stored as SRT files in the languages of your choice
  • The FlixPal Roku Channel Downloader comes with a money-back guarantee that is valid for a period of 14 days
  • It is now much simpler to organize your downloaded media collections with the installation of the metadata using the FlixPal Roku Channel Downloader
  • FlixPal Roku Channel Downloader offers a state of the art technology and functions faultlessly on various devices
  • It is suitable for both iOS and Android operating systems
  • There is no need to copy and paste URLs because of the built-in browser.
  • The FlixPal Roku Channel Downloader gives you the ability to download a wide variety of movies and episodes in bulk too
  • Last but not least, FlixPal Roku Channel Downloader stores the video content as MP4 files, which are compatible with a number of devices and are easily transferable

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In this article, we have described some of the easiest ways through which you can restart your Roku device and fix any minor issues that you might be facing. Moreover, we have discussed some features of a fantastic offline downloading tool FlixPal Roku Channel Downloader that can save a lot of your precious time and effort.

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StreamFab All-In-One
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StreamFab All-In-One
StreamFab All-In-One
The best video downloading solution allows you to download videos from any streaming sites.
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Y2Mate DRM Downloader
One-Stop Ultimate Streaming Video Download Solution.
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