What are Twitch Chat logs?

Twitch is a popular platform, where gaming fans hang out to view their favorite gamers' streams. In this COVID-19 lockdown situation, the popularity of Twitch has surged. Gaming was an entertainment source for the majority of people stuck indoors. Gamers can create and engage viewers and followers communities usingTwitch logs.


This feature allows one viewer to chat during a live stream with other viewers and streamers. The Twitch chat logs appear in a vertical bar beside the streaming window. This helpsTwitch logs chatusers to engage as well as watch the stream simultaneously. However, you need tocheck Twitch chat logsfor several reasons.

Check Twitch chat logs - Reasons and benefits

Twitch allows viewers and streamers to have a tete-a-tete with one another while watching the streams.Twitch logsare nothing but the entire chat history associated with a specific broadcast. Streamers need to monitor and control their Twitch communities by keeping check of chat logs and take the needed action.

Twitch chat logs

There are not just good, reasonable but even hurtful, inappropriate comments in the logs. Streamers can eliminate the damaging ones and suspend the violators.

There are several other reasons and benefits of reviewing yourchat logs Twitch.

  • Get audience data- Serious streamers have to always be aligned with their viewers. They need to gain audience data like who they are as well as what are their likes & dislikes, interests & tastes, and even expectations. While chatting, audiences express their thoughts. You can get an idea of your viewer’s behavior from reviewingTwitch logs.

  • Build a strong audience- Evaluating the live reactions from your viewers helps to deliver better streams. Because of anonymity, audiences never hold back their thoughts and so the reactions expressed in theTwitch chat logsare authentic. This will allow identifying what works and what doesn’t. Thus you can modify your streams and build a strong fan base.

  • Report wrong behavior- You may be unable to report a user’s unsuitable behavior while streaming.Twitch logs chatwill help to report the irrelevant comments to the Twitch operators. Hopefully, the platform is becoming serious about burning toxicity, so you will not need to report incorrect behavior. However, ensure to stream content that keeps your audience interested and engaged.

  • Gather feedback- Ask viewers the questions associated with a specific stream and even bounce ideas off in theTwitch chat logs. Monitor their feedback, and from it, you gain good insights into what your viewers want.

  • Eliminate inapt comments-Chat logs Twitchfeature allows streamers a chance to browse through chat history and delete the irrelevant and damaging comments. They can even report users that violate the terms. Remember, if your chat has viewers engaging in abusive behavior then Twitch can give your channel a warning as you did not take any action or allow it to occur.

  • Identify most loyal audiences- Offering your appreciation and thanks is in line with your most enthusiastic viewers. Thanking gives your ardent supporters an idea that you care for them.Twitch chat logshelp you identify the most active and engaged viewers associated with your streams.

  • Review chat moderators' actions- The chat moderators are not ideal. They can possibly make inaccurate decisions at times. The user’s action onTwitch chat logscan be reviewed to determine if the disciplinary step taken towards them was fair or not.

  • Cultural awareness- Twitch culture is progressing and evolving rapidly. Even if streamers and viewers spend hours reviewingTwitch chat logs website, you will certainly come across a new meme associated with your stream. Checking logs helps to detach the information and keep you aligned with the Twitch platform culture.

How to check your Twitch chat logs?

Users can check chat logs twitch manually or with tools.

1. Use user search command

This feature allows to tool for particular users.

Twitch chat logs

  • In your channel’s chatbox type the ‘/username’ and click on ‘Enter’.
  • Twitch will reveal each comment from this specific user associated with your chat during streams.

You even gain an insight into the time this particular user followed and their account timeline and ban record. However, the comments deleted by the administrator are not displayed in the search option.

2. Playback your VODs

Playing your VODS once again is the only way to see the chat history from the duration of your live streaming session. It allows seeing the comments removed by the moderator, which 3rd party software is unable to access.

Playback your VODs

If you want to reconsider the ban or suspension then play back your VODs. The downside is you will need to check the entire video if you are unaware of the approximate date of the comment.

3. Use chatbot

Automated Twitch chatbots like Nightbot allow filtering or moderating the chat logs. Chatbots can be customized to keep a searchable and comprehensive record of every comment you received on theTwitch chat logs. This is the easier and efficient way to find the precise message you are searching for.


While activating the chatbot, it will automatically start collecting chat details that can be reviewed after the session ends. The chat messages that weren’t enabled will not be tracked by the bots, so if you are thinking of using bots to check the previous conversation then it is not viable. To take your Twitch channel quality to the highest level deploy chatbots. It will save the hassle in near future.

4. Use chat moderator mode

If you are a moderator then you can see the stream chat logs in moderator mode on Twitch. Open the mode view by clicking on the sword icon situated on the screen's bottom-right. Click on any viewer’s username to open theirTwitch logs chaton the channel.

chat moderator mode

Browse through their entire chat history. You can gain access to information like the number of times banned or timed out. Even read comments by mods or reports about users' name removal or ban request.

5. Use 3rd party tools

Plenty of streamers depend on 3rd party software to track theirTwitch logs chat. For example, Chatty is popular among moderators and streamers. The tool has a simple interface but an array of features to keep a check on your chat logs. Several third-party chat monitors have their pros and cons, so research and choose a tool suitable to your needs.

3rd party tools

Twitch logs chat is important for every streamer because it helps them interact with viewers, receive feedback and collect ideas. You can check any user's chat history associated with your channel. For general streams use 3rd party programs and chatbots but for finding something particular manual methods are great.

You cannot view the streamer’s chat logs without approval and the chat logs are not hosted publicly because it violates data privacy rules. Currently, only moderators and streamers have the right to viewchat logs Twitchfor streams on their own channel.

How to download Twitch logs chat history?

Viewers cannot view their chat data from any channels as the privilege of chatroom is for the moderator, and channel owner [streamer]. You can request the streamer for your log chat from their channel. Even as a Twitch user, you have the right to gain access to a copy of specific personal data the platform holds. Contact Twitch support and use your privacy rights.

Tips to download your Twitch Chat logs

Having a chat history available whenever you desire or offline is cool. Twitch does not keep your chat logs but you can retrieve them using several methods as mentioned above. You can use open source tools like Twitch Chat Downloader or Chatterino, or Rechat tool to download chat history for offline viewing.

If you use Chatty, it allows recording the messages on an external file. You require chatlogs backup because Twitch deletes them after two weeks for many streamers or after 60 days for Prime and Turbo Users or Twitch Partners.

FAQs associated with Twitch chat logs website

How to check Twitch chat logs by the user?

Moderators and streamers can check the chat logs and other data for every user by clicking on their username or use command - /user username. This feature allows to see the amount of messages users made on the channel, their timeouts and ban numbers as well as moderators reasoning comments on the bans/timeouts.

Here is a full twitch command list for your reference.

Twitch chat logs

How long does Twitch store the chat history?

The chat logs are not stored permanently. Your stream VODs are stored for around 14 to 60 days before removing. Thus you can gain access to chat logs using VODs for a limited time [until the VODs stay archived].

How to download chat logs Twitch?

The twitch platform does not allow downloading. It can be achieved via software or third-party chatbots.

Can you view your chat logs on Twitch for other channels?

You need approval from the channel's owner to view your chat history on their channel. If you gain permission then it can be accessed from their VODs. Besides, the streamer must have enabled their VODs stream viewing by other users.

Why is my Twitch chat not visible?

If you are unable to see the chat on the Twitch website from any channel, then check the box you may have accidentally closed. Click on expand arrow placed on the screen’s top-left corner. Open it and you will see your chat!

Can you identify when the Twitch account was created?

Moderators and streamers can access the account creation and interaction date on their channel. You can request the mode or the channel owner to tell you the twitch account creation date. Wait patiently for the response!

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Download Twitch Live videos offline

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Final Words

There are several reasons tocheck Twitch chat logs. It includes disciplinary action review, inappropriate comment removal, collecting viewers’ feedback, and evaluating audience advice. You can view theTwitch Chat Logsvia playback of VODs, chatbots, user search commands, and using a third-party program. You can even download chat logs using 3rd party software for offline watching. KeepStream allows downloading the live Twitch stream in HD quality for watching it later.

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