Twitch is a platform, where people can live stream and chat at the same time. It was acquired by Amazon in 2014 and renamed Twitch Interactive. Twitch started as a platform for playing live video games but has evolved. People can broadcast live video games, music, lifestyle, beauty, cooking, etc. through a camera.

Streams can last for more than eight hours. If you find a streamer interesting then follow their channel, receive notifications, and activity updates. Streamers even use the platform to promote products relevant to their streams via affiliate links. Viewers can ask questions, make comments, and attain real-time answers while viewing a stream.

Twitch even offers ad opportunities for brands like the majority of live streaming services. Twitch supports ad placements like banners & pre-roll videos but marketers even partner with top influencers on Twitch. There are multiple ads on the twitch platform and it is frustrating and dampens your viewing experience. Install an AdBlock on Twitch to lessen the frequency of on-page commercials including banners and homepage carousels that appear as you scroll.

How Does Twitch Adblock Work?

Twitch Adblock is a browser extension or a plugin that trims or removes content recognized as online advertising. It is designed to target banner ads, auto-playing videos, billboards, pop-ups, sticky ads, pop-under, and interstitial ads. Over the years, digital advertising is capturing TV spends. Even ad blocking is a rising phenomenon with young audiences using Adblock Twitch extension.

The filtering rule is used to hide or block contents on a page. When the web page loads, Twitch Adblock checks the script and compares it with the script & site list it was designed to block. The moment it finds any, the plugin hides them. Sometimes, Adblock cannot stop the ads from displaying. It is because Twitch ads are embedded in the video stream directly, so Adblock has to speed its action before the site downloads the Twitch stream.

Why Do You Need Adblocks for Twitch?

Online ads are irritating and downright obtrusive to your browsing experience. Therefore it is natural to use Adblock for Twitch. Twitch makes money from advertising and subscription. From the subscription monthly fees, Twitch has to share 30% to 50% with the streamer. Prime or Premium subscribers will not see ads on Twitch. Some top streamers run an ad during their broadcast because they have sufficient subscribers and can decide to show or not show ads to his/her viewers.

Twitch Adblock is becoming more and more popular to block the majority of ads but some ads slip. The ad inserted inside the stream is hard to block because ads and live content are broadcasted from the same place. It is hard for Adblock to distinguish between ad content and videos. The question that arises is - ‘Does Adblock work on Twitch or not’.

What to Do When Adblock Not Working on Twitch?

Twitch ads are just annoying for basically every user. Therefore they look for a browser-based Twitch Adblock extension. It helps to eliminate ads but some users find that sometimes Adblock doesn’t work on Twitch. This glitch makes it hard to bypass the ads even after they installed the Twitch Adblock extension.

Your Twitch TV Adblock extension failed in hiding ads and you desire to fix this issue. Before diving into fixing the glitch let’s first understand the reasons why doesn’t Adblock work on Twitch sometimes.

  • You may be running an outdated Twitch Adblock extension.
  • The Twitch Adblock setting is not properly configured.
  • Incorrect Chrome settings.
  • Twitch Adblock chosen is incompatible with another browser extension.
  • The filters of Adblock for Twitch are not optimally set.

When Adblock isn’t working on Twitch, you can apply the solutions mentioned below.

Switch to Another Browser

When Adblock stopped working on Twitch, the simple method or first step to handle this glitch is to switch your browser. Your current browser and the Adblock extension may be conflicting. Try another browser and if it is the previous browser glitch, then your issue is fixed. However, if the issue persists then try another solution.

Update Twitch Adblock Extension

You may have ignored updating the Twitch Adblock extension, which may have started the issue. Technology is evolving as days pass and every app, plugin, or software is regularly updated. More features are added to offer users the best experience. Generally, extensions get updated automatically but some don’t. The chances that the chosen Twitch Adblock extension is not automatically getting updated are high. So, update the Adblock plugin manually.

Change the Advanced Settings on Chrome

On Chrome, there is a Network Service option that is liable for the smooth operating of some processes. If the Adblock for Twitch is not able to gain access to this service, it may stop operating. You have to modify Chrome’s advanced settings so that the Adblock plugin can gain access to Network Service.

Adjust the Settings on the Twitch Adblock Plugin

The majority of Adblock extensions start hiding Twitch ads right from the moment they are installed on the browser. There are a few extensions that need configuration to start working. You chose Twitch Adblock extension may be one of them and need to tweak some settings.

Use Filters

Twitch Adblock extensions have a filter list like the white list, black list, and custom list. You can manually add these lists or refer to the online list. To Adblock Twitch ads, add that specific ad stream to the extension’s blacklist.

Use Emulator

When the browser version is used to stream, Twitch throws ads. Therefore, if Adblock doesn’t work on Twitch even after using the above solutions then use an emulator and stream twitch on your PC.

Now, you know how to handle situations like ‘Adblock Plus not working on Twitch’ or ‘Adblock stopped working on Twitch’.

How to Block Ads on Twitch 2022?

Twitch Adblock for Firefox

Download and install Adblock for Windows. The extension will not just block Twitch ads but every type of commercial content on every browser and desktop software. By default, Twitch Adlock Firefox is designed to stop every kind of ad across the system as well as accessorial software. You can even modify the settings to fulfill your needs.

Twitch Adblock for Chrome

Open a browser and look for Twitch Adblock Plus. Choose the Adblock Plus for Chrome. You will be directed to the download page for chrome. Now, click on ‘Add Adlock Plus’ positioned on the top. Click on ‘Get AdBlock Plus for Chrome’ and the Chrome Webstore opens. You can read extension specifications before adding them to your browser. Click on ‘Add AdBlock extension’ situated on the top right and a confirmation sign pops up. As soon as, you confirm the installation starts. After the installation is complete restart the browser and starts viewing Twitch videos without any commercials.

Twitch Adblock for TV

If you don’t desire to use third-party extensions then use the browser with an in-built ad blocker. There are many browsers available with the incorporated ad-blocking feature. With this option, there is no need to download a third-party Twitch TV Adblock plugin because browser like UC Browser, Opera, Brave, or Adblock Browser has in-built filter technology to eliminate the Twitch ads.

Twitch Adblock for the Twitch App

If you are a fan of live streaming and use an android Twitch app then you will be aware that how ridiculously obnoxious the ads are. The most upsetting time is when they roll in the most captivating moments making watchers freak out.

Every time you switch video quality commercials pop up. They even pop up when you reload the page or tap another video for watching. It is frustrating for a sports fan to miss a wtf glitch or a pivotal team fight. Marketers want to promote brands but viewers sometimes need to relax, so they can download the AdLock extension to block ads in the Twitch app.

Twitch Adblock for Android

Mobile users can block Twitch ads without any concerns. Visit the App Store and choose an adblocker app like Adguard. You can find different versions of Adguard including Browser, Android, and Windows. It is a free adblocker tool; you can install it on your favorite device and eliminate ads to enjoy seamless viewing.

What Are the Other Ways to Block Twitch Ads?

Sometimes ads take a long time to buffer, which causes frustration. In general, buffering is itself annoying, which makes viewers go crazy. For getting rid of Twitch VoD ads, the ‘Report’ feature can be used. In case you report then the ad queue occurring after 15 minutes actually skips but the screen goes black for 2 seconds before you start watching the VoD. It works even for live streaming ads. However, you will need to repeat this process often. If you desire to enjoy a disturbance-free movie then install AdLock to eliminate Twitch ads.

Besides using Twitch Adblock, you can subscribe to Turbo Twitch. It offers an ad-free streaming experience in Twitch app and TV. You can enjoy all the Twitch features including chat badges, emojis, and more. The drawback is it is a paid subscription and the paid ads embedded in the content cannot be eliminated.

Use, an original Twitch version. All the contents from the Original Twitch source are displayed. You gain more features in comparison to Twitch or its original website. It includes an adblocking feature, thus offering a great viewing experience. How to use Twitchls….

  • Open Twitch.TV and get the link you desire to stream.
  • Make a little change in the URL. Before hitting enter, replace with
  • The Twitchls version of the specific stream will be opened. You can watch this without any annoyance from ads.

Use a VPN to Block Ads on Twitch

If you are using Twitch Adblock, then you are aware of the annoyance commercial breaks create. They are harmless but sometimes you desire to watch the VoD uninterrupted. Twitch is popular in censoring content via sales tactics but is still a popular platform to stream videos. However, you can support the Twitch streamers by stopping ads like buying a subscription or supporting them by buying products they promote through affiliate links.

VPN is the best way to use for eliminating ads from Twitch streams. Unlike browser-based Twitch Adblock extension, VPN hides your IP address. It allows connecting with another country that does not display ads and this is a smart way to block Twitch ads. Choose a country that does not serve advertisements. You can even access movies or shows that are unavailable in your region.

The VPN server can be connected to countries like Russia, Serbia, Ukraine, Israel, Costa Rica, and Macedonia. Adblock Plus is the best VPN to block Twitch ads. Download from the App Store for free and directly install from your browser. On the top right corner, you will see the icon of AdBlock Plus. Click on it and you are prepared to start eliminating ads and enjoying a commercial-free streaming experience!

What Is the Most Amazing and Useful Twitch Adblock Extension?

If you are a passionate Twitch user, then you know how essential it is to install a reliable Adblock on Twitch. Every Adblock is not compatible with Twitch. It is because Twitch operators work hard to identify the AdBlock program and block their services. So, you need to choose a reliable Adblock for Twitch ads that averts detection.

Overall, VPN is the best way of preventing Twitch ads. Nevertheless, several Twitch ad Adblocks are regarded as the best.

  • AdGuard - AdGuard is available for Android, macOS, Windows, and iOS. The macOS and Windows versions are too powerful allowing to block Twitch ads. In the same way, iOS and Android versions block ads but you need to watch the streams from your browser.
  • TTV LOL - Many Reddit recommends TTV LOL for Twitch. You can get TTV LOL for Chrome and Firefox. It claims to wedge Livestream ads without impacting video quality or causing a purple screen.
  • Purple Ad-block - Purple Ad-block is available for Firefox and Chrome. Twitch’s M3U8 playlist files are substituted to offer server-side signature allowing videos to play ad-free.
  • Video AdBlock for Twitch - This program is designed to eliminate the pesky ads from your favorite streaming service. You can use it on Firefox and Chrome. Video Adblock for Twitch replaces the ads with low-quality streams for ad duration and as soon as the ad is finished it switches to a high-quality stream.
  • TTV AdEraser - TTV AdEraser claims to eliminate the ads as well as enhance the Twitch streaming experience. It offers impressive features like hover over channel income and gaining a preview of the stream. Twitch videos are played via a custom embedded player. Install it manually on Firefox or Chrome.
  • uBlock Origin - uBlock Origin is a script-blocking plugin. It is the most successful method Twitch viewers are using currently. It notifies Twitch that advertisements are watched and reloads the video. The notify reload function lessens the pre-roll ad frequency. It takes a little time for reload notification cycle to complete.

How to Avoid Purple Screen Errors on Twitch?

Twitch cannot make a profit if subscribers don’t watch the adverts. Therefore it takes stringent steps to prevent viewers from averting the displayed ads with Twitch Adblock. Purple screen error is a way to fight against subscribers using adblockers. As soon as, Twitch detects 3rd party AdBlock or script filtering tool it serves a purple screen error as a warning to turn the AdBlock off. Fortunately, you can stream Twitch ad-free or purple screen using a reliable Adblock on Twitch.

On some occasions, even if your Adblock is off you get a purple screen. In such cases, users need to uninstall the Twitch Adblock. Unfortunately, the adblocking detection system on Twitch is highly rigid. So, there is a possibility that you will see a purple screen error even if you watch ads by disabling the installed AdBlock. You can choose another Adblock program that Twitch will be unable to detect or choose a VPN!


If you are tired of the number of ads played before and during the streams on twitch then there are several ways to block them. Choose 3rd party Twitch Adblock extension or app. Sometimes, you will find that Adblock isn’t working on Twitch. You can switch to another Twitch ads Adblock plugin or use VPN to eliminate ads and enjoy watching VoD without any disturbance!

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