Twitch has expanded to become the world's largest live streaming platform with millions of daily active users from around the world. The platform also supports other exciting features such as chatting and connecting with other people. Hundreds of thousands of exciting videos are being streamed daily on Twitch, and definitely, one may want to grab either of the videos to save it offline on his/her device. Such action is absolutely possible; however, you need a Twitch VOD downloader.

What is Twitch VOD?

Twitch VOD simply means Twitch Video On Demand. This refers to an archive of previously streamed Twitch live videos. In other words, when you stream a live video on Twitch, the video relegates into an archive, which is now called Twitch VOD (Video on Demand), and thus, you can download the video from the archive. Activating Twitch VOD is mainly for content creators (channel owners). When a content creator (channel owner) activates archiving, the creator makes it possible for subscribers to still access and watch/download videos that have been streamed on the channel earlier. This can win the creator more subscribers and help in growing the channel's audience. According to Twitch, "Clips are also part of the VOD system."

Can You Download Twitch VOD?

The simple answer is YES, you can download a Twitch VOD and save it to your computer or local storage drive. However, this is only possible if you have a reliable twitch VOD downloader. Interestingly, there are twitch VOD downloaders for mac, twitch VOD downloaders for Windows, and twitch VOD downloaders for mobile.

But, if you need one app to download twitch VODs anywhere, regardless of whether you're using a computer (Windows or Mac), or a mobile smartphone (iOS or Android), then you need a twitch VOD downloader online app.

Typically, online apps - otherwise called web-based apps - are accessible across platforms and are usually available for free. More so, the Twitch VOD downloader online app is much easier to use than the typical twitch VOD downloader mac.

This article clearly explains how to download twitch VOD using the most powerful online twitch downloader - the 2Conv Twitch VOD Downloader.

How To Download A Twitch VOD

Interestingly, following this method, you will be able to download twitch VODs on any device you have. All you need is the link to the VOD and you’d be provided with different resolutions to choose from and have the clip/video content saved on your preferred storage device.

To download twitch VOD content, you need 2Conv Twitch Clip Downloader. Remember, twitch clips are also part of the VOD system, as confirmed by Twitch Interactive.

Using 2Conv Twitch Clip Downloader

2Conv Twitch Clip Downloader

2Conv Twitch Downloader is an online application that works across platforms. The interface is available in over ten (10) different languages and the app is entirely free to use. More so, 2Conv Twitch Clip Downloader lets you download twitch VODs as MP3 files or MP4. It is very easy to understand and works pretty faster than most other twitch VOD downloaders.

Furthermore, with the 2Conv Twitch VOD/Clip Downloader, you can grab videos from Twitch in 4K quality. The app can also be used to download videos from other platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, and many other video hosting platforms. It is simply a versatile and reliable cross-platform application for downloading streams and video content from various video hosting sites.

How To Use 2Conv Twitch Clip Downloader

Firstly, you need to visit this tool- Twitch Clip Downloaderand then follow the steps below.

First Step

Visit the Twitch channel you want to download the VOD from, play the archived live stream and copy the link that appeared on your browser’s address bar. If you’re on mobile, visit the twitch channel using a web browser and copy the link to the VOD/clip you want to download.

Second Step

Open the 2Conv twitch downloader page and paste the copied link into the space provided.

Third Step

Before going on to download/convert the pasted link on 2Conv twitch downloader page, click on the format dropdown button to choose between MP3 and MP4. f you wish to only extract and download the audio of the VOD content, choose MP3, but if you need the clip as it is, choose MP4.

Fourth Step

Now, click on the "Convert" button (just beside the format dropdown button). This will cause 2Conv twitch downloader to start analyzing the link you provided - this happens in a matter of seconds, and then you'd be presented with different video/audio quality options. Click the download icon on the resolution quality you want and that's it! Depending on your browser settings, you may be prompted to choose a storage location where the twitch VOD would be downloaded too.

What More?

Following the steps above, you can actually download lots of twitch VODs to your local storage in a matter of minutes. At the moment, 2Conv twitch VOD downloader online app does not support batch downloading; thus, you can only download one VOD content at a time. If you need to customize the video after you have downloaded it, you can use a powerful video converter/editor to adjust the video settings to convert it to a particular format for your need. If you were looking out for how to download a VOD from twitch, the steps above are simply what you seek.

Alternative Twitch VOD Downloaders

There's no doubt that you will find a bunch of other twitch VOD downloaders out there. However, most of them do not support 1080P HD and 4K resolutions for free. In contrast, the 2Conv twitch downloader allows you to download a twitch VOD in high-quality resolutions for free. More so, most other goo twitch downloaders out there only work on specific platforms (macOS or Windows only), but 2Conv twitch downloader works on all platforms, including computer systems and mobile devices -all you need is an active internet connection and a web browser.

Frequently Asked Questions About Twitch VOD Downloads

Downloaded Twitch VOD Couldn’t Play On Mac?

When the VOD or clip you downloaded from Twitch is unable to play on your MacBook PC, the problem is likely to come from the video player you're using. Some video players do not support the required codecs to play all video formats. You should try using another video player to playback the video or use video converter software to compress/convert the downloaded twitch VOD to a versatile format supported by all media players.

Which is the Best Twitch VOD Downloader for Mac?

2Conv twitch VOD downloader works across platforms and it is free to use. Plus, it does not require your Mac to meet specific system requirements/specs. Hence, it is practically the best twitch VOD downloader for MacBook users. This online downloader is very easy to understand and use.

Where Does Downloaded Twitch VODs Save?

It depends on your device's default storage location. Basically, if you're using a computer, the downloaded VOD will be saved to your "Downloads" folder. But if you have previously changed your default download location, the VOD videos will be saved to the new location you chose.

Can You Download Twitch VOD Chapter by Chapter?

No, a twitch VOD downloader would download the entire video. However, if you want to crop, cut, or edit some part of the video, you need to download a video editing software or a video converter with a built-in video editor.

Can You Download Twitch Clips?

Yes, a typical twitch VOD downloader also serves as a twitch clip download. Since twitch clips are part of twitch VODs, you can use one tool to download both Twitch clips and Twitch VODs. 2Conv twitch downloader lets you download videos from twitch - it is a VOD & Clips downloader.


Using 2Conv twitch downloader is the best way to download VOD from twitch on any device you’re using. The tool is available for free and it supports downloading videos from other websites too.

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