YouTube is the second most visited site nowadays. 300 hours of videos are uploaded to YouTube consistently, more than 1,300,000,000 individuals are utilizing YouTube, and a few people bring in money out of YouTube. Presently, a huge number of the fan base and users deal with some common questions:

How to rip audio from YouTube video?

How do I rip audio from YouTube?

How to rip audio from YouTube high quality?

Some of the time, we need to convert YouTube to MP3 to tune in to music from a video offline when we are working, or we need to download YouTube videos and watch them on planes, train journeys, and trips to places without proper mobile internet connectivity.

Audio ripper YouTube can help you rip YouTube videos or rip audio from YouTube videos. In this post, we will show the best YouTube audio ripper to help you further.

PART 1: Best YouTube audio Ripper: 2Conv

The moment when you need to rip videos from YouTube and rip audio from YouTube videos, you would first be able to think about the best YouTube Downloader. It's easy to utilize, profoundly customizable, and excludes any bundled additional software. This free YouTube converter not exclusively can assist you with ripping video from YouTube yet also can extract audio from YouTube videos.

How Can We Use This Free Audio ripper YouTube? YouTube Downloader offers 4 magnificent features for its users:

  • Download YouTube videos: YouTube downloader allows you to save YouTube videos without any problem. You can watch YouTube videos while downloading. You can download numerous videos simultaneously.

  • Download audio from YouTube video: It is likewise a YouTube audio ripper that can rip MP3 or WAV from YouTube video.

  • Download YouTube playlist: This free YouTube ripper additionally permits you to download YouTube playlist to MP3, MP4, etc

  • Download YouTube subtitles: The videos' subtitles will be downloaded naturally while downloading videos using this free YouTube downloader. Consequently, you can see better the thing the entertainer is saying, particularly when watching international motion pictures or films with a heavy accent.

PART 2: How to Rip audio from YouTube? YouTube Downloader is additionally a YouTube audio ripper. This free YouTube to MP3 ripper can remove audio from YouTube without any problem. How to utilize this free YouTube ripper to rip audio from YouTube? How about we take a look at the ways to rip YouTube to MP3.

Utilizing 2Conv YouTube to MP3 converter, you can remove audio from YouTube videos in lossless MP3 format. 2Conv YouTube to MP3 converterincludes an instinctive interface, and it is extremely simple to utilize.

Step 1: Download and install this easy-to-use and free ripper.

Step 2: Open this free downloader.


Step 3: Copy-paste the URL of the video you need to extract its audio. The URL will be available in the address bar of the page, in case you are watching the same in a web browser.

Step 4: Select the desired audio format and click on Download. At that point, this free YouTube MP3 ripper starts to convert YouTube to MP3.

convert YouTube

Step 5: Click to Navigate to file to check your audio files, and tune in to music anyplace you like.

youtube to audio converter

PART 3: Amazing feature: Download Video from 1000+ websites

Free Facebook Video Downloader-

When you feel the need to download a video from Facebook either to your PC or your mobile for watching it offline during excursions, flights, or even gatherings. 2Conv Facebook video downloader can promise you a free web-based downloading service, empowering you to download Facebook videos in only 4 easy steps.

facebook video downloader

  • Copy the link of a video you need to download

  • Paste the same into the input field

  • Select the file format you need

  • Click on Convert and find your resolution.

This FB video downloader supported by 2Conv has been a tested pioneer as far as the general ability to examine, downloading, and converting Facebook video to MP4 or MP3 in high quality and quick speed for quite a long time.

Free Twitter Video Downloader-

Twitter Video Downloader application, accessible on multi device or platform, is an ideal web application that can help download Twitter videos and GIFs without the requirement for installing any extra software or tool. Since Twitter videos are installed inside a Tweet, you need to copy the Tweet link and paste it in the space given.

Twitter Video Downloader

  • Copy the link of a video you need to download

  • Paste the same into the input field

  • Select the file format you need

  • Click on Convert and find your resolution.

The software investigates the link and fetches the video for you to download onto your device – regardless of whether on your PC, Android or iPhone. The Twitter video Downloader essentially downloads your videos and causes you to convert your videos onto MP4 or MP3 in high quality at a quicker speed. It tends to be your one-stop choice for how to download Twitter videos.

PART 4: Easy-to-use YouTube audio Ripper App

There are some other Audio rippers YouTube you may intrigue in. Here, we have selected another 4 free applications.

  • Y2mate Downloader: Y2mate Downloaderis a cross-platform tool that can be utilized as a YouTube downloader application to rip YouTube videos on your PC, rip audio from YouTube mac OS, or Linux.

To rip YouTube video or rip audio from YouTube, you need to copy its URL from your internet browser, click the Paste URL in the primary interface of the video downloader, and select the output format, quality, and area. This YouTube ripper offers an extraordinary selection of formats – both video and audio – including MP4 and MP3.

Audio rippers YouTube

  • WinX YouTube Downloader: Talking about the best YouTube ripper, it to a great extent relies upon clients' preferences always. WinX YouTube Downloader can likewise completely fulfill our necessities.

WinX allows you to rip YouTube videos as well as can download videos from other web-based facilitating video locales, including Facebook, Vimeo, and DailyMotion. This YouTube ripper offers a basic interface and activity. Simply copy paste a YouTube link, select an output format and quality setting, and it begins to grab the videos offline.

WinX YouTube Downloader

  • aTube Catcher: This is a virus-free tool. This YouTube ripper can save videos from a large portion of the big video facilitating sites. This YouTube ripper can convert YouTube to MP3, and download YouTube videos in a clump. Also, it accompanies some special rewards.

It is noticed that this YouTube ripper doesn't ensure support for other media sharing sites.

aTube Catcher

  • Converto: Converto is an online YouTube ripper, it permits you to download the video online for watching later offline. It allows you to convert YouTube to MP3 or MP4. Watch or tune in to downloaded videos or music anyplace and on any device.

To rip audio from YouTube, simply paste the YouTube link and proceed with the desired format and quality. Download the video or audio file after converting it. Do download this file soon as the download interface stays valid for only 24 hours.



Free YouTube rippers will allow you to rip video or audio from the world's greatest video facilitating site, prepared to watch videos or tune in to music later at whatever point you need. Furthermore, if you have poor connectivity, you can attempt a free YouTube ripper to download videos and watch them offline.

There are 5 diverse YouTube rippers mentioned above. You can select YouTube Downloader to easily rip YouTube videos, rip audio from YouTube, download YouTube playlists, and download subtitles simultaneously.

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