What Are Netflix and Roku?

Netflix is a streaming service allowing subscribers to enjoy movies, TV shows, web series, and exclusive content. Netflix can be streamed via Wi-Fi using the official Netflix app on different devices including game consoles, set-top boxes, smartphones, smart TVs, and tablets. Using an internet browser, you can watch Netflix on Windows and laptops. For best performance, you need to check internet speed and system requirements.

Roku TV allows watching television content digitally. You can even download streaming services apps like Amazon Prime, Hulu, Netflix, Disney+ Hotstar, etc. onto your Smartphone and enjoy extensive content.

Replacing Roku TV with cable TV makes a huge difference to your viewing experience. With Cable TV the viewing activity is passive. You flip channels until you find something interesting. With Roku TV the viewing experience is active. It offers a personalized way to enjoy movies and TV as the content is on your chosen individual channels. You can choose a Netflix tile on Roku TV because you can watch new content the next day it is aired.

Why Does Netflix Error Occur on Roku TV?

When Netflix is used on Roku, subscribers have to deal with two different digital services. There can be several error points, which can trigger the issue like theNetflix app not working on Roku. Does the Roku device have some system error or is overheating or is handling connection problems?Netflix app not working on Rokumay trigger due to server-related issues, which are not addressable from your side. Check the status before you waste time trying ineffective solutions.

What Does Netflix Not Working on Roku Mean?

Some issues that the Roku users struggle with are when they try to gain access to Netflix using their device nothing happens. At times, Netflix starts loading, but suddenly freezes on the loading screen. A few users experience a black screen as soon as they launch the Netflix app. Nothing happened. There were no error codes. The screen freezes!

Sometimes,why is Netflix not working on Roku, even when the screen does not freeze? The issue can be with Roku or the Netflix servers or your internet connection. You will need to first find out that all these services are operating well. Take simple troubleshooting steps like checking your internet connection, Wi-Fi network, and Roku player. Sometimes, these simple things can resolve theNetflix not working on Rokudilemma.

Reasons forNetflix Not Working on Roku TV

Netflix on Roku not workingis connected with several specific reasons. At times, there is no reason for this error and vanishes on its own after some time. IfNetflix on Roku not workingissue persists for a long time then there is something not correct with Netflix or your Roku. You can diagnose the issue at your end but first, understand the reasonswhy is Netflix not working on my Roku TV.

  • Your Roku device may not be connected to the internet because you may have accidentally disconnected it.
  • The connection between the Roku device and TV may be lost.
  • The Roku device may need a change of its faulty power port.
  • Troubleshoot Netflix app itself.
  • Netflix servers may be down because of scheduled maintenance or experiencing a glitch.
  • Your internet connection speed is down than the required 1.5 Mbps.
  • You are running a VPN on a Roku device. Netflix flags down the users that use VPN services to gain access to content restricted in their region.
  • Timely updates are released for Netflix apps to make sure the vulnerable gaps are patched. You have ignored updating the Netflix app.
  • Instability in the system can be because you have not updated your Roku device. Even the Roku device needs timely software updates.
  • Your Netflix content may be blocked due to changes in Roku’s or Netflix’s parental control settings.
  • Roku remote is encountering a temporary glitch causing the Netflix app not to work correctly.
  • Frequent random errors can cause the installation files of Netflix to get corrupted.
  • Sometimes there is a communication issue between your Roku device and Netflix’s authentication server.
  • Netflix needs certain display settings like aspect ratios, resolution, etc. for smooth running. If the display setting is improper then this can trigger the not working problem.
  • The fault cannot be associated with the device or connection, but there is a chance that it is with your Netflix account. You may have recently used another payment method.
  • Netflix offers several plans and allows subscribers to choose screen numbers. If you are sharing it with other users then they are simultaneously streaming, so you are experiencing theNetflix not working on Rokuissue.
  • Your Roku device is outdated.

There are various reasons for your dilemma ofwhy is my Netflix not working on my Roku TV. The issue can trigger when Netflix servers are slow, your internet connection speed is down or you are using VPN. Nevertheless, it can even be caused due to random technical anomalies in your Netflix or Roku app and you may have missed updates.

How to Troubleshoot Netflix Not Working on Roku TV?

Diagnosing the precise problem is practically not possible, especially for non-tech people. No concerns start troubleshooting with simple things and then move to the most involved. In this way, you can possibly resolve theNetflix on Roku not workingissue with less effort.

Check Your Internet Connection

Internet connection is a common error. It can automatically disconnect. You can reboot the router, which generally fixes technical glitches. Ensure that Roku TV gets a proper connection from the remote, to lessen the barriers. For better connectivity, you can connect an Ethernet. Check the internet connection speed using the following steps.

  • On the ‘Home screen’ of the Roku go to ‘Settings’.
  • Settings > Network
  • If connected, then click ‘Check Connection’ to find out the speed strength.

If the speed is less than 1.5 Mbps then you will need to upgrade your bandwidth. If you already have more than 1.5 Mbps package then call your internet connection provider to resolve the issue.

Confirm If Servers Are Working Fine

Netflix is a huge streaming platform. It has to handle tins of streaming requests each second. Sometimes, servers can experience glitches, so confirm if Netflix servers are fine.

  • Visit an online Down Detector site.
  • Enter ‘Netflix URL’ in the search bar and click.
  • Within seconds, you will find out if the Netflix server is encountering an outrage.

If the server is going crazy then you will need to wait for the Netflix technicians to handle the glitch from their end.

Update Roku and Netflix App

  • Press ‘Home’ on the Roku remote.
  • Go to Settings.
  • From the drop-down menu click on System and then System Updates.
  • Choose ‘Check Now’ and follow the prompts to install available updates.
  • After the update is over, restart the system.

Switch Off VPN

In case, you are using VPN to gain access to Netflix content that is unavailable in your region then the possibility that Netflix has identified and stopped working. If you are using VPN, then turn it off before you open the Netflix app on Roku. Netflix does this because of licensing issues and they don’t desire to encounter legal action.

Reboot Roku Device

Restart the Roku device to refresh its OS and reload its resources.

  • Completely, turn off the Roku device.
  • Unplug it from the wall outlet.
  • Allow it to rest for a couple of minutes.
  • Plug the Roku device.
  • Wait for a little while to reboot.

Reinstall Netflix

Netflix installation files may have gone corrupt because the Netflix app updates did not work properly. Therefore, try to deactivate the Netflix app on Roku and then reinstall.

To uninstall

  • From the Roku remote press ‘Home’ and click on ‘Streaming Channels’.
  • Find Netflix and click ‘OK’ on the remote.
  • Choose ‘Remove Channel’ and the Netflix app is deleted.

To reinstall

  • From Roku TV’s Home Page visit Roku Store.
  • Find the ‘Netflix’ channel and click on the Add channel.
  • The installation starts and takes some minutes to complete.
  • Restart Roku TV.

Clear the Cache

Sometimes, clearing corrupted data and cache can help to resolve theNetflix not working on Rokuissue.

  • Go to ‘Home Screen’.
  • Choose ‘Netflix’ channel.
  • On Roku remote click the ‘Asterisk’ [*] button.
  • Click ‘Remove Channel’.
  • Restart the Roku device to remove the cache.

Re-login to Your Account

  • Open the Netflix app on a webserver.
  • Tap on the Profile icon.
  • From the drop-down menu go to ‘Manage Device’.
  • Find Roku device in the list and ‘Sign out’.
  • Now, Restart the Roku device.
  • Log in to your Netflix app account.

Check Parental Control

Parental control settings may have got disturbed, which is blocking the kind of content you always watch on Netflix.

Adjust Display Settings

  • On Roku device press ‘Home’
  • Settings > Display Settings > Auto-Detect

If the problem continues then adjust aspect ratios or resolution. You may need to try several display options.

Report the Fault to Netflix

ReportingNetflix not working on Roku issueto Netflix Customer care is the last resort. The Netflix team will analyze the issue when errors are reported via administrative settings to troubleshoot the error on Roku.

Enjoy Netflix on Roku TV and Download Video

After fixing theNetflix not working on Roku Smart TVissue, you can continue your streaming activities on Netflix smoothly. The Roku TV or Roku stream player offers access to watch TV shows and movies on the internet but has no in-built storage for direct downloading or recording to your device. However, you can watch Netflix movies offline on Roku TV via a USB port or external device.

Netflix offers its paid subscribers to download content and store it on its app. It prevents the downloaded movies from playing or sharing to other devices. To store Netflix movies to an external device [USB drive], you will be required to carry across the content in a common format using third-party downloaders. You can even download Roku Channel videos for offline playback using these 3rd party Roku downloaders.

StreamFab Roku Channel Downloader

  • Download the StreamFab program and install it on your desktop.
  • Double-click on it to open the app.
  • From its main interface visit ‘VIP Services’.
  • On the page choose the Roku Channel icon.
  • Enter Roku account from inside the browser and find the content you desire to download.
  • Play the video and downloading starts automatically.

Y2Mate Roku Channel Downloader

  • Download TV shows, movies, and web series for popular streaming services with ease in 1080p, 4K, and 8K quality.
  • Choose the preferred language as subtitles and save them files or remix it in the video.
  • Save downloads in MP4 format.

MyStream Roku Channel Downloader

  • Set the subtitle and audio track to a default setting.
  • An in-built browser gives the freedom to browse many videos to choose from and download with ease.
  • Save the downloaded movies or TV shows Meta details including casts, episodes, season, etc. It helps to manage your special local media library.
  • Besides streaming services you can download videos from more than 1000 websites including popular ones like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

KeepStreams Roku Channel Downloader

  • Even if you have subscribed for an ad-supported plan on streaming services, the KeepStreams Roku Channel app downloads movies without commercials. This ensures you enjoy it seamlessly without any disturbances from advertisement.
  • The program downloads many movies or episodes simultaneously. Even with bulk downloads, the speed quality is not compromised.


Why Did Netflix Loading Stop on Roku?

The issue may be associated with Netflix servers. It can be offline, so you will encounter theNetflix app not working on Rokudilemma. Make sure your cellular connection and Wi-Fi are switched on. Even check airplane mode status.

What Does the Roku Factory Reset Do?

It is a procedure to fix a technical glitch. Returning to Roku's default setting means all the configuration, network, and channel preferences you had set will get wiped out.


When you choose Netflix subscription through Roku then you can enjoy wide content with HD quality from Netflix. However, both services work digitally therefore you can encounterNetflix not working on Rokuproblems. It can be because of errors and bugs via streaming. You can use the above tips to troubleshoot theNetflix not working on Roku TVerrors. Use one of the Roku channel downloaders mentioned above to download movies and shows for offline watching.

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Y2Mate Netflix Downloader
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