Steam is an ultimate destination for playing, developing, and discussing games. From action games to adventure and role-playing to simulation and horror, there’s a whole range of categories available for passionate gaming lovers out there.

Continue reading this article If you’re into the horror genre and want to know about some of the best free horror games on Steam.

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What Is Steam?

Launched in 2003, Steam is a popular game digital distribution service. The official Steam website is nothing less than a dream come true for gamers. You get to browse different categories ranging from the top sellers to new releases, upcoming games, VR titles, specials, and more.

Besides this, you can also browse by genre in case you’re looking for something specific. The platform also offers daily and weekly deals to visitors, allowing them to save up to 90% on their purchases.

There’s also a ‘free to play’ category, which specifically targets those users who’re looking to indulge in the best gaming experience without spending a penny.

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10 Best Free Horror Games on Steam to Play Right Now

Here we have rounded up the list of 10 best horror games on steam you can play right now for free.

1 - After Hours

If you’re into spooky games, then you will definitely love After Hours for sure.

After hours is a free-to-play video game that is famous mainly for its excellent attention to detail. This spooky game is set in an abandoned and scary hospital, in which each player must explore themselves and try to escape this sinister place. However, in order to escape, players will have to go past scary and mysterious creatures and protect themselves.

Do you think you’ll make it out alive?

2 - Deceit

Deceit is another horror game you should consider playing. Deceit is a first-person shooter multiplayer game which you can play with several other players.

This game starts with each player waking up. However, a few players have been infected with a virus, which could ultimately kill all other players. So, each player should determine who has been infected with the virus.

If you are the one who has been infected, you will need to kill the other players without the other players knowing.

3 - Deathly Stillness

Deathly Stillness was developed in only 17 days. And, we must say, the developers of this game really did outdo themselves.

Plus, this wasn’t even the full version of this game. This incomplete version was only released as a tutorial for other game creators. But, even then, Deathly Stillness was able to attract countless gamers worldwide.

In this horror game, players are equipped with powerful weapons that are designed to kill horrendous zombies.

4 - Cry of Fear

Cry of Fear is a psychological single-player video game that will surely send chills down your spine.

This free horror game is set in a deserted town crawling with satanic and horrific creatures. Players have to play the role of Simon Henriksson, who is a 19-year-old boy awakened in an alley after meeting a car accident. Now, Simon must navigate the city and solve various puzzles and fight satanic monsters to progress.

5 - Dagon: By H.P. Lovecraft

This free horror game on Steam is based on the story by Lovecraft.

It is a narrative game in 3D, which will last you a good 30 minutes of gameplay. While playing this game, you’ll have an unmatched gaming experience, together with the thrilling adaptation of the book and the feeling of cosmic horror as you play.

6 - Tiny Bunny: Prologue

Here is another horror game to add to your list.

Tiny Bunny: Prologue is an episodic game series that is available to play for free. The winning aspect of this insidious game is that it has perfectly combined psychological suspense with horror that truly keeps players captivated till the very end.

The best part is that this horror game is all black and white, which gives even more eerie vibes while playing.

7 - Dark Deception

Dark Deception is a first-person narrative horror action game. This horror game is more of the classical arcade style, but one of the most intimidating and fretful games you will ever play.

This game, as its name suggests, is filled with evil monsters and dreadful-looking creatures that you must face in order to escape the maze.

Think of this horror game as a much scarier version of Pac-Man, just with additions of sinister settings and terrifying monkeys and ghosts that will be incredibly frightening.

To play this game, players must find their way out of this maze and successfully run past these evil monsters. But, throughout this game, there is no place to hide from these ghosts and monsters.

8 - Dead Frontier 2

Who doesn’t find zombie games frightening? If you’re into zombies and are in the mood for a zombie-killing game, then Dead Frontier 2 is definitely for you.

Dead Frontier 2 is a multiplayer online RPG game. You are awakened in the middle of a zombie outbreak with an open-world experience.

To stay safe and protected, you must trade and gather materials and supplies you will need to survive.

You can also choose to play this horror zombie game all by yourself and confront all these dreadful zombies and kill them alone. The choice is yours to make…

9 - Dark Fracture: Prologue

Dark Fracture: Prologue is a scary story that revolves around Edward - the main character of the game.

Although the full version of the Dark Fracture: Prologue game is yet to be released, this version certainly did its part in introducing the main character to the players and what they can experience in this game profoundly.

This free-to-play first-person horror game has combined the best visuals and audio effects to bring forward a frightening and thought-provoking puzzle for players to complete.

This game follows its own insidious story, as we see through the dark and disturbed mind of Edward. It’s a definite must-play for all horror game lovers out there!

10 - Ginkgo

Here is another sinister game you can consider playing. This is a twenty-forty-minute video game, which was actually a demo. It was greeted by a group of students from the USC Games Program.

Gingko is a single-player 3D horror game that has been inspired by East Asian horror. To play this game successfully, players must solve various puzzles and go past different kinds of monsters and explore the eerie world.

So, to keep it short, in this video game, you will have a 3D puzzle to solve. But, to be able to solve this puzzle, you will need to look at the bigger picture and connect the dots.

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In the End

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that Steam is an ultimate gamer’s paradise. These free best horror games on steam are full of excitement, thrill, and of course, horror.

What other horror games have you played on Steam? We would love to know about your experience. Happy Gaming…

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