Is the news Twitch gone wild a reality? Yes! Twitch Girls gone wild was banned as they crossed their boundaries. Twitch is a favorite streaming platform for worldwide gamers. It is also a platform offering nearly any kind of content ranging from music, cooking, Q&A sessions but the leading traffic is due to video games. Daily active users on Twitch are more than 15 million including 3.8+ million inclusive broadcasters.

Twitch streaming service is accessible on multiple platforms via their website or app. account creation is free for viewers and streamers alike. Gamers tune into Twitch streams because keeping with every latest video game is costly. On Twitch, they can watch streamers play the game and thus get an idea of investing in the video game is the right decision for them or not. Streamers always gain early access to the latest game and partner with the developer. Viewers see their favorite streamer playing and get influenced to buy the game.

When popular streamers trespass their limits set by the Twitch platform they are banned. Twitch is jammed with streamers associated not just with video games but there are streams by artists, musicians, and exotic dancers. Naturally, there is scandalous content uploaded. Some streamers have displayed disregard towards Twitch’s community guidelines. Plenty of steamers' wild escapades are documented inReddit Twitch Gone Wild.

Many streamers became popular because of their amazing video streaming style and content. Some streamers gained popularity besides their gaming skills and video content. These streamers repeatedly crossed Twitch guidelines with an intent to gain more fame. A few bypass the Twitch policy for fun. Such popular streamers got listed in theTwitch Gone Wildlist as they were disqualified for their wrong behavior.

What you need to know about Twitch Gone Wild

Why does Twitch streamer go for wild?

Over the years, several people became well-known personalities in gaming on Twitch. A few streamers went wild and became scandalous on Twitch. Twitch bans content that is regarded as controversial or sexual. Currently, there is a controversy associated withTwitch Girls Gone Wildas females are hosting hot-tub streams. Twitch streamers go wild either for fun or to gain a lot of popularity.

Through subscription successful streamers can make more than $3000 per month, so a few try to bypass the Twitch guidelines and go wild to grab more views. It is not always that a greedy streamer successfully sidesteps theTwitch Gone Wildpenalty.

Should a Twitch streamer go for wild?

Twitch has offered disrepute to thousands of people in gaming. Streaming is thrilling but is not all fame & fortune. You have to follow protocols. Rules are designed to protect the streamers and the viewers. Everything is recorded live therefore there is no way to fix an error made on-air. If streamers ignore the rules then they will see a decline in their views and get entry toReddit Twitch Gone Wild.

Twitch has banned games list streamers need to know about. Cursing or bad language, hate speech, talking about donation or views, etc. can be the cause of suspension or termination. A Twitch streamer with a desire to persist in expanding their audience must never cross the terms & conditions set by Twitch or they can get added to theTwitch Gone Wildlist.

What happens if Twitch bans an account if streamer goes wild?

Bans forTwitch Streamers Gone Wildmeans their account is suspended indefinitely and they don’t get a chance to appeal. There are suspensions of two kinds temporary and indefinite.

  • A temporary suspension is for a maximum of 30 days. The streamers can use Twitch services as soon as the suspension is finished. However, Twitch maintains a record of multiple suspensions and past behavior. This can trigger an indefinite suspension in the future.
  • Indefinite suspension is a serious offense, which may be for more than 30 days. Your subscriptions if any will not be renewed and you will need to reactivate them while reinstating your Twitch account.

The rules for Twitch account suspension include no access to -

  • Watching streams
  • Chatting
  • Broadcasting
  • Creating other accounts
  • Participating or appearing in 3rd party channel stream [even the 3rd party channel may get a ban notice]

Why do Twitch Streamers get disqualified?

Top reasons whyTwitch Gone Wildbans are circulated among streamers.

  • Copyright claims mean content owned by someone, so research media before using or using media acknowledged as fair use.
  • The inappropriate content list is wide. The ban lists harassment, bullying, sexually explicit content, violence, hate speech, and more such offenses. Sometimes chats with lots of hate speech can get the streamer banned. Inappropriate content has some gray areas and how Twitch justifies them is still unknown. To avert such bans, streamers must use chat moderately and post-screen content that does not violate the community guidelines.
  • Accidental bans are a result of community complaints against some specific streamer. In this situation, streamers can dispute the reasons and appeal on Twitch.

Top four popular Twitch Streamers Gone Wild

Some topTwitch Streamers Gone Wildbans are justifiable and here are some of the instances.


CinCinBear always got in trouble streaming controversial content frequently over the years talking down people struggling with mental health. In 2019, she got banned for telling her viewers that if someone donated million dollars she will pose nude. Later, she explained it to be a joke but got a temporary ban from Twitch.

The joke was harmless but talking down about mental health is something people must not joke about. Plenty of people commit suicide as their mental conditions are not listened to or taken seriously. CinCinBear must stay away from insensitive talks or people will ban her channel.

Joey Salad

H3H3 production fans are familiar with Joey Salad as he was visible in plenty of their videos. In 2019, Joey violated community guidelines and received a ban. In the stream, viewers can see Joey getting pepper-sprayed by his friend, and Twitch related this to self-harm and banned him.


She is a popular ASMR streamer and cosplayer. In her stream, she even played plenty of erotic and adult-themed games. She is famous for pushing boundaries that are regarded as wrong streaming practices. She is a popular member of theTwitch Girls Gone Wildban list.

Lately, she got a ban for showing her breast on camera while streaming. According to Twitch, if something pops on the screen as you end and delete it and clips then it is fine. The ban made her more popular and she got herself added to the top twitch streamers list. It is true…sex does sell everywhere!


Mango is a popular Melee streamer, who got positioned in the top 5 for consecutive 6 years. He is an esteemed personality of the Melee community. He received a one-week ban in 2019. It was because he passed out drunk on the floor while streaming.

Drinking is fun even when you stream but remember to drink responsibly. The community guidelines state that if you pass out drunk while live-streaming then the ban hammer will strike. Enjoy Twitch streamers but drink responsibly!

Where to view the Twitch Streamers Gone Wild videos?

There are many websites where you can watch the videos of streamers that went wild on Twitch.

You can watch videos ofTwitch Streamers Gone Wildon –

  • Reddit
  • Facebook

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Final Words

Twitch Gone Wildbans are for those streamers who crossed borders or violated the Twitch community guidelines. The topTwitch Streamers Gone Wildinclude CinCinBear, Joey Salads, Amouranth, Mango, and many more.

The videos of streamers that went wild are available to watch on Reddit, Facebook, and many other websites. Twitch has made streamers famous as well as infamous. It is better to follow Twitch protocols and stay away from going wild and banned!

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