Amazon has launched a free streaming service in the name of Amazon Mini TV. It can be easily accessed using the Amazon Shopping app and contains fashion-related, tech-related, and curated web series content.

Only available to Android users, the MiniTV service is yet to be rolled out for iOS users. With their collaboration with Pocket Aces, TVF, and popular comedians including Ashish Chanchlani, Amazon Mini TV is ready to bring free entertainment to the public.

They also have a dedicated food section, tech world news, and latest information, and videos from popular beauty and fashion experts like Sejal Kumar. While Prime Video is a paid service, Mini TV Amazon gives free content. This is why you will encounter many ads while streaming the free videos on this platform.

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What to Watch on MiniTV?

From comedy to drama, and history to thriller, Mini TV Amazon has something for every taste and can provide instant gratification to its viewers completely free of charge. Some of the best series to watch on MiniTV are:

Band of Brothers

This 2001 released movie illustrates the mission of the U.S. Army in World War II and how they conducted different operations during wartime.


The movie was released in 2019 and is available to watch for free on Amazon Mini TV. The movie highlights the biggest man-made catastrophe that took place at the Chernobyl Power Plant in USSR.

  1. Angels in America: This one is a romantic drama released in 2003 and illustrated the political crisis that took place in the 1980s concerning AIDS.

  1. Defending Jacob: It is a crime mystery film released in 2020. Mini TV Amazon viewers can add it to their watch list. The movie is based on the life of William Landey as written in the bestselling novel in which the life of an assistant DA gets turned upside down when his son is taken away on charges of murder.

  1. Unorthodox: This is another popular one released in 2020 which depicts the life of a Jewish woman who flees from her community and marriage to start a new life.

Top 10 Amazon TV Mini Series

Gone are those days when people used to get hooked to the TV screens or even go to theaters to watch movies that were at least a couple of hours long. It’s a fast-moving world and miniseries are what everyone wants for entertainment. Amazon TV Mini Series for perfect for those who love a 30-minute dose of entertainment. Here is a list of top 10 miniseries that you can watch on Mini TV Amazon:


2017 released Carbon which is a 24-minute sci-fi fiction story depicting life in 2067 when a man from Mars meets a human who is surviving on the artificial heart. It is a story of a future world in which man has to pay for oxygen.

Aunty Ji:

This short film was released in 2018 features two women one of whom is an acid-attack survivor and how they share commonalities between them.

This Town That Future:

When city girls moved to a small town, they missed their city life and the short film illustrates their struggle in finding a job for their father in Mumbai.

Call Him Eddy:

This short film was released in 2020 and should be on your list of “What to Watch on MiniTV?”In this 20 minutes film, a journalist interviews a professional cuddler as the film follows the happenings in the parallel universe.


Another short film released in 2020, depicts the story of a family reunion and the struggle of an old man who is making every possible effort to make this reunion happen.

Kaande Pohe:

Yet another 2020 release, the 20 minutes short film moves around the meeting of a woman with a marriage prospect in the arranged marriage culture followed in India.


During the emergency of 1975 in India, two teenagers were brought close because of a transistor, and how their love enfolds is depicted in this short film released in 2021.


A modern relationship between a father and his daughter and the emotions that surround it are illustrated in this short film.

Ek Jhalak:

It is a romantic short film released in 2021 in which a single parent finds himself to be in love with his neighbor.

Sorry Bhaisaab:

This 2021 short film depicts the desires of a typical Indian middle-class couple and is a must-watch Amazon TV Mini Series.

What are Amazon Mini TV and its future in the world of streaming platforms?

It is an ad-supported video-on-demand platform launched by Amazon and is currently supported only on Android’s Amazon mobile app. Amazon plans to extend this free streaming platform to iOS users and the Amazon website as well.

Amazon is getting benefits from the free streaming of content provided on Mini TV in the following ways:

  • People have started to watch online videos more as compared to cable TV.

  • Amazon has taken this step so that when people get to watch Mini TV Amazon, they will be more likely to spend on Amazon as a preference to other online markets.

  • Thus, with the free streaming, they are planning to increase their consumer base.

  • Another way in which the Amazon TV Mini Series platform is helping Amazon is by adding revenue through paid displays and advertisements.

  • As the platform is completely free to use, advertisements are used to gain revenue for running the streaming platform.

  • By using targeted ads, Amazon is hoping to increase its sales as well as advertisement revenue.

For viewers, it is an amazing step from a trusted partner as not everyone can spend for Prime Video subscription on their platform, and hence, a free entertainment service like Amazon Mini TV is all that they need to lighten up the mood of their day.

Amazon is partnering with digital content creators to keep a seamless flow of entertainment running for their viewers all the time. Catering to the interests of all their viewers, they have included comedy, food, history, and beauty-related targeted content on Mini TV.

Viewers can also watch short films that are sure to give them a different perspective on their daily life struggles, whether you face the struggles in the office, at home, or you struggling to move on from a bad breakup.

In the future, there could be a live sports category added to Mini TV Amazon and even Amazon Prime platform for their viewers.

What is Amazon Mini TV? - FAQs

How is Amazon TV Mini Series different from Prime Video?

While Mini TV is a free platform that can be accessed from the shopping app on Android mobiles, prime video is a video-on-demand streaming service that requires Amazon customers to take a paid subscription for getting access to award-winning series and latest releases.

Also, Mini TV Amazon is only available to Amazon customers residing in India while Prime Video has a global reach.

Are there any issues related to accessing the Mini TV

You can troubleshoot the issues by checking if your device is being used in India and not elsewhere, you are not trying to access Amazon Mini TV through a VPN, and you are accessing the service through the updated version of your Amazon shopping app.

Are there any parental controls applicable on Mini TV Amazon?

Yes, you can set parental controls on your device and control the type of content that can be viewed on your device. You will need to change the settings on Mini TV and update your password to set the restricted parental control.

How to report grievances related to content on Amazon Mini TV?

You can file a complaint through the official contact us page or by writing an email to the grievance officer at [email protected].

Amazon Prime Downloader “Mini TV Amazon"

Some of the best downloaders that can be used to save the content of Amazon Prime or Mini TV Amazon videos on your PC are:

Y2Mate Amazon Prime Downloader

You can download all your favorite videos at high download speeds and save them in superior resolution formats on your PC. The downloader has an easy-to-use interface and is free to use. It is one of the best in its category and allows you to download even purchased content on Prime Video.


You need to download and launch the KeepStream downloader on your device after which you can access Amazon Prime Video through the interface of the downloader itself. Login to your account, browse the content you wish to download, and press “Download Now”. In a simple process, you can keep all your favorite movies listed on your device for free.

Flvto MyStream:

It is an amazing alternative to the most popular Flvto MyStream downloader which you can use to batch download your favorite content from Prime Video and Mini TV Amazon.

2Conv IceStream:

You can easily choose the desired audio tracks and their subtitles while downloading content from Amazon Prime Video using 2Conv IceStream and all other popular downloaders.

BBFly Downloader:

Download country-specific content from Amazon Prime Video to be saved in MP4 format on your device using BBFly Downloader.

Final Words

Amazon Mini TV is a great initiative by Amazon India for consumers who cannot afford to pay a Prime subscription every year. While the viewers can have a moment of joy watching the content on Mini TV, Amazon also benefits from this platform through advertisement revenue and an increase in its loyal customer base.

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StreamFab All-In-One
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Y2Mate Amazon Prime Downloader
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KeepStreams for Amazon
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StreamFab All-In-One
StreamFab All-In-One
The best video downloading solution allows you to download videos from any streaming sites.
Y2Mate Amazon Prime Downloader
Y2Mate Amazon Prime Downloader
Provide you an Easy-to-Use option to download Prime Video movies in 1080p.
KeepStreams for Amazon
KeepStreams for Amazon
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