What is Reality Shows? Reality Shows are a genre of TV programs that feature celebrities or common people or both in real-life, scripted, or a blend of both situations. Lately, reality shows on Netflix and many other streaming services have become popular as well as evolved from what they were several decades ago. Subscribers are kept entertained with an array of fascinating reality shows ranging from passionate cooking competitions to sizzling dating reality TV.

What Do You Know About Reality Shows?

Why Are Reality Shows Popular?

Part of Reality TV shows is audience participation. There are shows like ‘The Voice’ that depend on the viewers to choose the winner. Active participatory support to the contestant makes it a must-watch TV show. If you are interested in some contestant then it makes you feel thrilled when you watch the TV show. It feels like you have placed a stake on a contestant and he/she should win.

There are shows where no audience is required to vote like the Survivor but even still viewers fiercely support their favorite contestant. They are influenced to watch the show with excitement. Your pride is hurt when your favorite contestant is removed unceremoniously but the tension is felt when the show is aired.

It doesn’t matter if the reality show on Netflix is a competition show, game show, or documentary series. They have become appealing because the participants become household names. It is leveraged for fortune and fame.

Reality shows are cheap to produce and attract a lot of audiences. Viewers connect with participants and anyone can get on TV and become famous.

Why Watch Reality TV Shows on Netflix?

Finding quality reality TV shows is hard for cable cutters as a lot of it is aired live. Fortunately, besides true-crime documentaries, Netflix offers an extensive selection of reality shows for binge-watching. With lots of reality shows on Netflix, it is tricky to determine where to start.

Best Reality TV Shows on Netflix

Netflix streaming service has a wide collection of binge-able series and award-winning films ranging from Ozark and The Crown to Roma and The Irishman. It even offered some noteworthy content including true-crime series and documentaries but there are still dominating and good reality TV shows on Netflix. There is so much streamable content to sift on Netflix that you can miss watching the good stuff. If you have not yet watched the top reality shows on Netflix then here is a list to get started.

Ultimate Beastmaster

18 competitors from 6 countries compete against hard obstacle courses for national pride, individual glory, and cash prize.

  • First episode date – 24th Feb 2017
  • Final episode date – 31st Aug 2018
  • Seasons – 3
  • Total episodes – 29
  • Ratings – 7.3
  • Creators – David Broome

Floor Is Lava

Teams compete against one another by navigating from room floors flooded with lava. They leap from chairs, swing from chandeliers, and hand from curtains.

  • Released - 2020
  • Seasons – 1
  • Total episodes – 10
  • Ratings – 5.3
  • Creators – Megan Mc Grath, Irad Eyal

Love Is Blind

Singles who desire to be loved not for their looks but for who they are have signed to this modern dating less-conventional approach.

  • Released – 2020
  • Seasons - 2
  • Total episodes – 25
  • Ratings – 6.1
  • Creators – Chris Coelen, Sam Dean

Dating Around

How six real-life singles navigate through 5 blind dates to find an ideal partner worth the second date.

  • Released – 2019
  • Seasons - 2
  • Total episodes – 12
  • Ratings – 6.4
  • Creators – Chris Culvenor

Falling in Love Like a Romantic Drama

Eight young actors do kissing scenes in this reality show. The cameras follow them to find out if sparks fly.

  • Released – 2018
  • Seasons - 1
  • Total episodes – 10
  • Ratings – 7.0
  • Creators – Sawada Ikuko, Suzuki Osamu

Love Never Lies

Six couples have to face the lie detector test in this competitive reality show. Lies cost money, while the truth is rewarded with a cash prize.

  • Released – 2021
  • Seasons - 1
  • Total episodes – 7
  • Ratings – 5.7
  • Creators – Elias

Queer Eye

The Fab-five visit Atlanta to help people, groom, refine wardrobes, make emotionally charged makeovers…

  • Released – 2018
  • Seasons - 6
  • Total episodes – 52
  • Ratings – 8.5
  • Creators – David Collins

RuPaul’s Drag Race

The queens compete for the title and cash prize. The show is hosted by RuPaul, the drag queen mother.

  • Released – 2009
  • Seasons - 14
  • Total episodes – 174+
  • Ratings – 8.4
  • Creators – Nick Murray

Terrace House

Six young adults – men and women start as strangers. They live under a roof all summer.

  • Released – 2019
  • Seasons - 2
  • Total episodes – 46
  • Ratings – 8.1
  • Creators – Masato Maeda

Indian Matchmaking

Sima Taparia, a matchmaker guides her US and Indian Clients in arranged marriage process with a preview of Indian customs.

  • Released – 2020
  • Seasons - 1
  • Total episodes – 9
  • Ratings – 6.2
  • Creators – Smriti Mundhra

Skin Decision: Before & After

Dr.Sheila Nazarian is a plastic surgeon, who uses the latest procedures on patients to bring the best skin improvements assisted by Nurse Jamie.

  • Released – 2020
  • Seasons - 1
  • Total episodes – 8
  • Ratings – 5.9
  • Creators – Madison Blakey, Elizabeth Davis, Ian Samplin

Married to Medicine

Exclusive ladies from Atlanta’s medical circle including doctors’ wives and doctors are struggling in an environment with more patients and less patience.

  • Released – 2013
  • Seasons - 8
  • Total episodes – 140
  • Ratings – 5.3
  • Creators – Matt Anderson, Cooper Green, Nate Green

The Big Family Cooking Showdown

Families try to transform ordinary food into something extraordinary in this competitive food show.

  • Released – 2017
  • Seasons - 2
  • Total episodes – 26
  • Ratings – 7.1
  • Creators – Cher Adamson, Hermione Drew, Alex McCarter

Baking Impossible

Pair of innovative bakers and talented engineers compete in baking creations and designing that are delicious and can survive severe engineering stress tests.

  • Released – 2021
  • Seasons - 1
  • Total episodes – 8
  • Ratings – 7.0
  • Creators – Neal Baer, Daniel Calin, Brian Fowler

Rust Valley Restorers

How the charismatic and colorful characters of a restoration shop use their experience and skills in restoring, trading, and selling classic cars. How they transform the rust piles into collectible treasures is thrilling.

  • Released – 2018
  • Seasons - 3
  • Total episodes – 26
  • Ratings – 7.8
  • Creators – Tyson Hepburn, Matthew Shewchuk, Jereme Watt

Below Deck Mediterranean

It is a reality show on a new 150-foot yacht holding 9 crew members. Every episode features new elite passengers struggling with different challenges.

  • Released – 2016
  • Seasons - 6
  • Total episodes – 107
  • Ratings – 7.4
  • Creators – Leonard Genzon, Mark Conin

Blown Away: Christmas

It is a mini-season with 4 episodes aiming to spread holiday cheer. From hand-blown ornaments to candy fantasies the 10 glassblowers compete for challenges with a hope to win.

Roaring Twenties: Austin

The first season is hoping to tap, cultivate and introduce the magic of MTVs originality to a new generation. A group of 20 will be followed to see how they navigate love, career, and life in different cities. The first season is in Austin, Texas.

School of Chocolate

There are myriads of baking shows but none have focused on the chocolate art form until now. The School of Chocolate follows 8 aspiring chocolatiers as they get trained and even challenge themselves to become the best chocolatier. There are challenges but no competition or elimination. The focus is on teaching contestants.

Selling Tampa

Selling Tampa concentrates on Allure Realty, where all Black females focus on selling luxurious properties in Tampa, FL.

Swap Shop: Dash for Cash

Locals call the East Tennessee radio show to talk about stuff they desire to buy, sell or swap with listeners. There are a couple of quirky characters in this reality genre and is ideal for Storage Wars fans to binge-watch.

Tiger King

Tiger King Season 1 was an international sensation during quarantine. Currently, season 2 of 5 episodes are streaming on Netflix that viewers can catch up with.

Upcoming New Reality Shows on Netflix in 2022

In 2022, Netflix is using the concept of Dance Monsters with a twist. Live motion capture, VFX, and facial recognition techniques are used to transform contestants into mystical beasts while performing ambitious routines before live audiences and a panel of expert judges.

The Snowflake Mountain is a warm-hearted and funny reality show that takes clueless kidults for a survival retreat around the Lake District. This show aims to expose these kidults to basic camping and grow independently. Without WiFi, parents, and other amenities how these kidults survive and attain life-changing money prizes seems to be watched.

The Dated & Related recorded in France will get a fresh spin. Siblings team up and try to find their respective love but will they screw each other’s plan to find the one. Each of these three shows is scheduled to be released in 2022.

Download Netflix Reality Shows Right Now

Netflix allows downloading TV shows and videos to its official app. It is a great feature to watch the best Netflix reality TV shows on the go without the worries about streaming across a cellular network or purchasing in-flight internet access.

Every show is not accessible for downloads because of the contract with the creators. There is a wide selection to choose including a lot of Netflix’s original content.

Download TV Show Episodes on Netflix?

  • Download and install the Netflix app.
  • Open it and click on the Menu icon [three stripes].
  • Click on ‘Available to download’.
  • Click on the reality Show you desire to download.
  • Click on the ‘Download Now’ button next to the episode [inverted arrow].

When you finish watching the show it is good to delete the clip to free memory space. Netflix app's inbuilt download feature has its limitations. The download is stored within the app and after 7 days they are removed.

After you play the downloaded TV show, it is taken down within 48 hours even if you have not completed watching it. To avoid these limitations, you need to consider third-party downloaders. On 2conv.guru, you can read about the16 Netflix Video Downloaders Review.

Download TV Show Episodes with KeepStreams Netflix Downloader

KeepStreams allows downloading movies and shows from Netflix’s regional website including the UK, the US, Japan, Germany, and France. Use the program to download the Asian reality TV shows on Netflix for better viewing offline on large screens.

The program supports Netflix video quality up to 1080p. The download is speedy but the frame rate is correct, so there are no concerns about video and sound quality. The advanced programs help to include Meta info like the Netflix reality shows casting, name, creators, etc.

Download TV Show Episodes with Y2Mate Netflix Downloader

Y2Mate allows Netflix users to download their favorite reality show currently streaming on Netflix’s regional website for offline viewing without dealing with the irritating streaming restrictions.

Downloading one episode after another manually of seasons 1, 2, and 3 is a boring and time-consuming task. You have to check if the episode is saved every time to avoid the delay of the next episode download. Y2Mate allows batch downloading, where you can choose the entire episodes to download at the same time.

Download TV Show Episodes with FlixPal Netflix Downloader

The ads when you stream TV shows and movies are disturbing. FlixPal Netflix Downloader cleans up the ads from the episodes during the downloading process. It means you can enjoy episodes without pesky commercials.

Download and save the TV show on your computer and transfer it to other devices because it is in MP4 format. You can watch the show on any device at your convenience and anywhere.

For more information about downloaders, you can visit 2conv.guru.


Netflix reality shows are popular genres that are filmed around the world. If you desire to watch people doing jaw-dropping stunts or strangers fall heads over heels in love for the cash prize then check out the top reality TV shows on Netflix list mentioned above. You can even use a suitable downloader to download the best Netflix reality shows for offline watching.

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StreamFab All-In-One
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Y2Mate Netflix Downloader
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KeepStreams for Netflix
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StreamFab All-In-One
StreamFab All-In-One
The best video downloading solution allows you to download videos from any streaming sites.
Y2Mate Netflix Downloader
Y2Mate Netflix Downloader
Ensure You a Streamlined Option to Download Netflix Offline.
KeepStreams for Netflix
KeepStreams for Netflix
Save Movies, TVs & Shows from Netflix.