Netflix is an online streaming service that has loads of TV shows, movies, and documentaries for all age groups. You will get a lot of educational, informational as well as entertaining Netflix kids shows in all types of genres.

What Is Netflix TV Shows?

Netflix kids TV shows are a great alternative if you wish your kids to stay indoors during this pandemic.

You can browse through lots of Netflix shows for kids such as:

  1. Gabby’s Dollhouse - This is one of the Netflix original kids shows perfect for preschoolers. Story revolves around Gabby, a little girl who can shrink and enter her own dollhouse full of cat dolls. She along with her favorite sidekick Pandy Paws go on a series of adventures.
  2. The Magic School Bus Rides Again - This is one of the animated kids shows on Netflix that follows Ms. Frizzle and her students on science-based adventures on a magic bus. This is one field trip your kid will not want to miss out on.
  3. Free Rein - If you have teenage kids, then Free Rein is one of the best kids shows on Netflix. The story revolves around a teenager named Zoe, who goes to spend her summer holidays on an island off the coast of the UK. There she befriends a wild horse named Raven. The story talks about her life struggles and the complex relation between her and the horse.
  4. Sofia the First - If your kid loves princess tales, then this is one of the Netflix kids shows they will love. This is the story of a simple girl, whose mother gets married to a king. From then on, she has to learn the royal ways and train to become a princess.

Best Kids Shows on Netflix for Your Kids

Kids get bored easily. They might like a TV show today, but tomorrow might not be the same case.

Here is where Netflix can come to your rescue.

They have an exclusive kids section which has a variety of Netflix show for kids.

  1. Trolls: The Beat Goes On - Join Poppy and her friend Branch as they keep the dance party raving in their forest. This is a fun filled musical adventure show wherein your kids will love the lively beats and songs.
  2. Pocoyo - This is one of the most popular kids shows on Netflix. If you have a 4 year old, they will love Pocoyo, the curious toddler, his friends: Elly the pink elephant, Pato, the yellow duck, and Loula, the dog as they go on learning new things and having fun. Each episode runs for about 30 minutes, making it the perfect show, if you need to feed a fussy toddler.
  3. Llama Llama - If you are looking for Netflix kids shows that show positive reinforcement or teaching kids to resolve conflicts in a positive way, then this TV show would be the apt choice for your kids. The story revolves around young Llama Llama and his friends as they learn about new things and learn from their mistakes through the teachings of Mama Llama and other grown-ups.
  4. Green Eggs and Ham - Starring the voices of Adam Devine as Sam-I-Am and Michael Douglas as Guy-Am-Iis, this TV show is an animated comedy wherein both the main characters go on a road trip to save endangered animals and learn new things on the way.
  5. My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic - This is one of the best kids shows on Netflix that teaches kids the value of friendship. The story is about six ponies all with different abilities and interests. The vibrant and colorful ponies make it enjoyable for kids.
  6. DC Super Hero Girls - If your kid loves superhero cartoons, then this would be an apt Netflix show for kids to watch. The story revolves around young school going Batgirl, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, Zatanna, Super Girl, and Bumblebee from Metropolis High going on solving adventures in their school. Each episode is of 15 minutes which is a good option, if you want to cut down on your kids screen time.
  7. Super Monsters - This story revolves around pre-school kids who become cute monsters after dawn. Throughout the TV show, they learn to control their superpower and emotions under the leadership of their teachers at Pitchfork Pines. The story teaches kids to share and respect others feelings.
  8. Scooby Doo! Mystery Incorporated - If you are looking for kids shows on Netflix based on adventures, then Scooby Doo takes the cake. You will get a lot of seasons for Scooby Doo on Netflix with lots of action packed adventures and comedy.
  9. Pokémon The Series: Sun and Moon - This is one of the most popular kids shows on Netflix. Let your kids go on an adventure ride with Ash as he progresses in the island challenge to gather the Z-crystals to be qualified as a Z-Move user.
  10. Shaun the Sheep: Adventures From Mossy Bottom - Shaun the Sheep hatches a plan to save Timmy’s teddy bear along with his friend Bitzer at Mossy Bottom. This series also introduces new characters to new rival Farmer Ben, Mossingham: Stash, Rita and his Afghan hound, Lexi.

Educational Kids Shows on Netflix

If you are looking educational shows on Netflix for kids, then you have a lot of options to choose from

For Elementary Kids:

  1. Octonauts - A team of undersea explorers are ready to rescue sea creatures, protect the ocean and explore new underwater adventures from their Octopod home base. This show will help your kids get familiarized with different underwater creatures.
  2. Numberblocks - This is one of the best educational shows on Netflix for kids as it helps preschoolers understand each number in a musical way.
  3. Rhyme Time Town - If your toddler has difficulty memorizing rhymes then this show would be the perfect choice for them. This show has 6 episodes, 12 segments with a runtime of 24 minutes.

For Middle School Kids:

  1. A Plastic Ocean - This is one of the kids shows on Netflix that focuses on the plastic waste in the ocean. This is a documentary film documented by renowned Australian journalist Craig Leeson and talks about the negative impact that plastic has caused to our earth and marine life.
  2. The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind - This story talks about the creativity of a young boy on how he learns to build a windmill for his village to save it from famine.
  3. Carmen Sandiego - This story revolves around an orphan girl who is raised by a gang of villains. She finds out the truth goes rogue and under the name of Carmen Sandiego and foils the plans of the V.I.L.E academy.

For High School Kids:

  1. Black Holes - The Edge of All We Know : This is a documentary that goes into depth of finding the mystery of the black holes. A group creates a large telescope to capture the first image of the black hole.
  2. The Mind, Explained - This is one of the best kids shows on Netflix explores the mystery of the human mind when we dream or use psychedelic drugs. This TV show comes in two seasons. 1st season is narrated by Emma Stone and the 2nd season is narrated by Julianne Moore
  3. The Social Dilemma - This TV show focuses on the impact of social media, how one can get easily addicted and use it to manipulate people’s view.

Original Kids Shows on Netflix

If you are looking for Netflix original kids shows, then you can check out the below kids shows on Netflix

  1. Ask the StoryBots - Your kids will love this TV shows as it has lots of skits, songs and special guests who answer questions asked by five robots of different shapes and sizes
  2. Charlie's Colorforms City - If you are looking for some fun educational shows on Netflix for kids, especially toddlers or kindergarteners, then this is a must watch. This TV show educates kids about different colors, shapes, and sizes.
  3. Centaurworld - This is one of the animated Netflix original kids shows that portrays a story of a war horse that gets transported to a strange land inhabited by singing centaurs. She befriends these creatures and embarks on an adventure-filled journey to her home.
  4. The Inbestigators - If you kid likes detective TV shows then this is one of the popular Netflix shows for kids that contain a mix of comedy as well as adventure. Aston Droomer, and Abby Bergman, Jamil Smyth-Secka, and Anna Cooke, play the role of four kids who are detectives and decide to go on adventures.

Upcoming Kids Shows on Netflix

Some of the upcoming kid shows on Netflix that are sure to keep your kids entertained are:

  1. Happy Feet - Join Mumble, the emperor penguin as he embarks on his journey of self-discovery. Emperor penguins sing a unique heartsong to attract a mate, but Mumble does not have the vocal talent. His talent is tap dancing. Together with his friends Lovelace and the Amigos, Mumble sets out on some epic adventures, and proves to his colony that by being true to yourself, you can make a difference in the world.
  2. Kung Fu Panda - Meet Po, the lazy Panda who dreams of being a Kung-Fu legend. When his village is being threatened by Tai Lung, a snow leopard, Po must turn to Master Shifu to learn Kung-Fu and save his village from Tai Lung. This is one of the Netflix kids shows that will leave your kids laughing on the antics of Po, the panda.
  3. Ada Twist, Scientist: Season 2 - The story revolves around little Ada, a scientist who goes on adventures with her friends Iggy and Rosie. Each episode is divided into two parts where all the three friends try to solve problems and find solutions. This is one of the best kids shows on Netflix if you have kids who are curious about everything.
  4. Mighty Express: Train Trouble - If you are looking for Netflix kids TV shows that are short and at the same time entertaining, then Might Express is a good choice. This show was released in Jan 2022 and has a runtime of 22 minutes. The story talks about how Flicker, the train needs to save Mission Station and his friends from a sneaky duo who have tricked the other trains.
  5. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - If you are looking for animated Netflix shows for kids, then this show will not disappoint you. The story revolves around four turtles that are mutated by alien substances and are trained by Master Splinter, a mutant rat sensei. Together they must work together and fight the evil forces plaguing the city. This TV show is suitable for tweens and up.

Download Netflix Kids TV Shows/Best Kids Shows on Netflix with Third Party Netflix Downloaders

If you want to download Netflix kids shows for offline viewing, then you can turn to these third party Netflix downloaders that can help you download any type of Netflix kids TV shows in HD quality. Some downloaders also feature screen recorders that help you record TV shows that cannot be downloaded.

Why Do You Need a Third-party Netflix Downloader?

Netflix has certain restrictions on downloading some kids shows on Netflix. Here is where you can download third-party Netflix downloaders and download multiple videos for offline watching. A third party app is a software application developed by someone else other than the manufacturer of the device or operating system.

What Is the Benefit of a Third-party Netflix Downloader?

Third party Netflix downloaders allow you to download some of the best kids shows on Netflix without any interruptions. These downloaders are quite helpful if you have a poor internet connection. Some of the downloaders even come with an external SRT file saving option wherein you can save the subtitles of kids shows on Netflix featuring in different languages.

What Is the Video Quality That I Can Get from Using Netflix Downloader?

When you use a good third party Netflix downloader, you can be assured of good video quality. All videos from your Netflix kids TV shows are downloaded in 1080p HD quality and can be viewed on any device.

If you are in a dilemma on Where to find the best Netflix downloader? You can always check out the reviews shared on credible websites that talk in depth of the pros and cons of each downloader.


Netflix kids TV shows prove to be a great entertainer for kids who are hyperactive. Such shows keep the kids preoccupied, while the parents can complete their office work or routine chores without supervising their kids. If you are looking to watch the TV shows offline, you can make use of third party Netflix downloaders to download your favorite videos without the hassles of buffering.

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StreamFab All-In-One
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Y2Mate Netflix Downloader
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