Sing is a kids flix movie that features different animals that take part in an American Idol-type competition. All the contestants show their range of talent as singers. There are Koalas, Piggies, Gorillas, and many other animals. It’s a fun watch, it can be a great watch, especially with your family. Just hope you can watch the entire movie without thinking about how adorable the animals are when they sing? It will melt your heart. Just stay on and experience the movie.

Some quick info on this movie, Sing is written as well as directed by Garth Jennings. Christophe Lourdelet has co-directed this movie. Some prominent and amazing bands of actors have lent their voices to this movie we will discuss further. Now let’s discuss sequentially, Is Sing on Netflix? Is Sing 2 on HBO Max? Where can you stream Sing? Let’s dive into these details.

What Do You Know About Sing?

BriefPlot of Sing

Koala Buster Moon is trying to revive one true passion that he has held for days, his passion for singing. Now he is in deep turmoil since the theater is struggling hard to make its ends meet. In his last quest for glory, Buster Moon organizes a competition where 5 other participants took part and showed their talented skills. Will Buster Moon’s intent to revive a struggling Theater Hall be revived. You have to watch this brilliant show to know that.

Voice Cast of Sing

  • Matthew McConaughey plays Buster Moon
  • Reese Witherspoon plays Rosita
  • Seth MacFarlane plays Mike
  • Scarlett Johansson plays Ash
  • John C. Reilly plays Eddie Noodleman
  • Taron Egerton plays Johnny
  • Tori Kelly plays Meena
  • Jennifer Saunders plays Nana Noodleman
  • Jennifer Hudson plays Young Nana
  • Garth Jennings plays Miss Crawly
  • Peter Serafinowicz plays Big Daddy
  • Nick Kroll plays Gunter
  • Beck Bennett plays Lance
  • Jay Pharoah plays Meena's grandfather
  • Nick Offerman plays Norman
  • Leslie Jones plays Meena's mother
  • Rhea Perlman plays Judith
  • Laraine Newman plays Meena's grandmother
  • Adam Buxton plays Stan
  • Brad Morris plays an unnamed baboon
  • Bill Farmer plays Bob

Production/Acting Cast of Sing

You have to watch ‘Sing’. If you have asked the question, Why? Then remember that Sing has some of the world's best acting cast. It is produced by Illumination Pictures but Universal Pictures took the charge of distributing this wonderful movie. Many prominent actors took it upon themselves to lend voice to this movie, in the series are, Matthew McConaughey, Reese Witherspoon, Seth MacFarlane, Scarlett Johansson, John C. Reilly, Tori Kelly, Taron Egerton, and Nick Kroll.

Critical Response of Sing

As far as critics' response is concerned somewhere down the line Sing has had an average success. On Rotten Tomatoes, it has 71% positive reviews. On Metacritic, the movie was rated 6th in all. Reviewers, especially of USA Today, stated, “This year has been a year filled with hits compared to' Sing'. They will fare a little better. However, it is a shoe tapping. Los Angeles Times reviewer stated that ‘Sing’ is an adorable movie with cute characters showing their singing talent. CinemaScore rated this movie A in Metric of A+ to F. Hollywood Reporter states ‘Sing looks like a movie which has many songs. But the song kind of has filtered the narrative.”

Where Can I Watch Sing?

Unfortunately, it’s been quite a while since Sing showed up on platforms. Most importantly it was there on Netflix. You can also watch it on Amazon Prime. Amazon Prime users can access the UHD or VOD services. You can get this movie on:

  • Google Play
  • Vudu
  • iTunes
  • Microsoft store
  • Youtube Premium

So, these are some platforms that allow the watching of this wonderful movie.

Why Is Sing Not on Netflix or Disney Plus?

There are a lot of statements doing rounds that Why Sing which is a very prominent kids show not on Netflix. Frankly speaking, many people do not know that Sing came into Netflix, while the 2nd part of the movie is not on Netflix. However, just like Sing, Sing 2 will feature in Amazon Prime. You get it free on Prime video as well as on UHD. Renting the movie is $3.99 and buying the movie costs around $14.99.

Sing and Disney Plus

Sing is one of those movies that was really near to the hearts of Disney lovers. As Disney is the heart of ‘animation’. It can hurt you at first but since Disney is not the owning distributor, it makes natural sense to not occupy and release it on their platforms. You can always tune in to a happy, cheerful Disney movie if you feel a tad bit reminiscent of the previous movie.

What Are the Alternative Ways to Watch Sing at Home?

Fans of Sing can use the traditional cable subscription model to subscribe to the movie or order it. Users who are streaming television content like DirecTV, Hulu= Live TV, and FuboTV can book it. Sing 2, however, was mostly in theaters but as of now, it’s only there on Amazon prime. You can also purchase the DVD blu ray sets to watch and enjoy in the comfort of your home. You can click here to watch it on Amazon Prime.

For BluRay people, can simply get the Sings DVD which does not only have the Sings film but also has some side stories if a viewer can watch it, These stories are as follows:

Gunter Babysits, Love at First Sight, and Eddie's Life Coach:

  • Gunter Babysits is all about Gunter watches Rosita and Norman’s piglets. Gunter wants to prove that he also can be a good babysitter and that he has skills.
  • Love, at First Sight, talks about How M/s Cawley is being set up on an online dating website.
  • Eddie’s life coach is about a Dushmand who guides and trains Edie in an online seminar.

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Final Words

Sing is an amazing movie. It is such an adorable film that you can even watch this masterpiece along with other small members of your family. In this piece, you will get information about the movie as well as where it will stream.

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