What Does Hulu Live Covers?

Smart technologies are rapidly replacing our old entertainment systems. Bluetooth speakers, smart TV, smartphones, and we even have smart air conditioners and lighting fixtures at our home. Is it not worth looking for smarter streaming of TV channels as well?

Hulu Live Covers

Hulu with Live TV streaming offers a high-quality replacement to the old cable system. With packages starting at just $5.99 per month on Hulu Live TV, you can ditch your cable forever.

Wondering how much is Hulu Live TV and about its features? Let’s dig in to get all the information.

Wondering if Hulu with Live TV streams your favorite channel or not?

Here is a list of TV channel categories that are streamed on Hulu Plus Live TV:

TV streams

Popular TV Channels:

Never miss your favorite series with the following popular channels streamed in the high-quality picture at Hulu + Live TV:

  • Bravo

  • TBS

  • USA

  • A&E

  • E!

  • TNT

  • HGTV

  • TruTV and many more

Educational Channels:

The best channel for kids and adults equally makes everyone a tiny bit smarter every time they watch these channels. The best in this category that is streamed on Hulu Live TV are:

  • Discovery

  • National Geographic

  • Animal Planet

  • History Channel

  • Investigation Discovery

  • TLC

Sports Channels:

Have you missed your favorite cricket match? No worries, with Hulu Plus Live TV packages you can download and watch it later. All the sports events streamed on the following channels are available on Hulu Live TV:

  • ESPN

  • CBS Sports Network

  • FS1

  • FS2

  • Golf Channel

  • Marquee Sports Network

  • Regional Sports Network

  • SEC Network

  • ACC Network

  • Big Ten Network

News TV Channels:

Never miss any news covering with Hulu Live TV channels streaming the entire list of popular news channels including:

  • ABC News Live

  • CNBC

  • CNN

  • ESP News

  • CNN International

  • Fox News


Movie Channels:

You can binge-watch popular movies on Hulu + Live TV that are streaming on one of your favorite movie channels. Choose a channel on Hulu Live TV from the following list:

  • Showtime

  • HBO

  • Cinemax

  • Starz

  • FXM

Kids favorite Channels:

Want to entertain your kids? Hulu Plus Live TV streams all the channels that your kids will fall in love with:

  • Cartoon Network

  • Disney

  • Disney Junior

  • Universal Kids

Are you wondering how to watch Hulu Live on Smart TV?

It is not difficult to learn, “how to watch live TV on Hulu”. Apart from Amazon Prime Video and YouTube, Hulu Live TV subscription packages are very popular among those who do not want their cable connections now. You can stream all the channels available on Hulu + Live TV by following these steps:

Smart TV

Ensure that you have the correct system requirements:

You can watch Hulu Live TV channels on the following devices:

  • Smart TV

  • Devices connected with chrome cast, Fire TV, and Roku.

  • Android or Apple TV

  • PC Computer or Mac book

You just need a stable and high-speed internet connection for good quality streaming of Hulu Plus Live TV.

Sign up for a new account:

  • Search for Hulu Live TV free trial and create a new account by adding your personal information, contact details, and payment information.

Start Hulu Live TV free trial:

  • You can click on Hulu+ Live TV free trial 30 days and then press continue.

Change your subscription plan:

  • You can browse through the different monthly subscription plans if you want to enjoy ad-free streaming on Hulu Plus Live TV.

  • You can also manage your subscription once your Hulu Live TV free trial 30 days expires.

Set up the home network:

  • Go to the privacy setting on your Hulu Plus Live TV account and change the network setting to the home network.

  • Ensure that Hulu Live TV and your smart TV are connected to the same Wi-Fi connection.

Launch the Hulu app on your smart TV:

  • Download and launch the Hulu app on the smart TV and connect the devices.

  • Once the connection is established, you can start browsing the channels.

That is, your Hulu+ Live free trial 30 days is ready to give you free streaming of Hulu Live TV Channels on your smart TV.

What if You Want to Watch Hulu Live TV Channels for Offline Viewing?

You can easily avail of your Hulu+ Live TV free trial 30 days from any online platform. You can also download live streaming of Hulu Live TV Channels and watch your favorite series offline at your convenience. This feature is similar to YouTube and you need a compatible downloader to watch Hulu with Live TV in an offline version.

Just like we have YouTube downloader, there are Hulu downloader also available for offline viewing. KeepStream Hulu Downloader is an easy-to-use program for downloading Hulu Live TV streaming. Along with KeepStream, other top alternative downloader’s that you can use for Hulu with Live TV downloading are:

KeepStream Hulu Downloader:

KeepStream Hulu Downloader is a premium downloader for all the content available on Hulu Live TV channels. KeepStream was developed after the success of KeepVid which was used primarily for downloading YouTube content. Now, with KeepStream you can easily access both YouTube tv vs Hulu live and enjoy downloaded content from many other platforms as well.

Hulu Downloader

Features of KeepStream Hulu downloader are:

  • There are no region-based restrictions on downloading content via KeepStream.

  • It also provides 5.1 AAC output in the audios making them crystal clear.

  • You can save content in either MP4 format or as.SRT files.

  • It provides ad-free HD quality to the downloaded content.

  • Allows batch download and bulk transfer options without compromising on the speed.

  • You pay nothing extra apart from your Hulu Live TV cost.

Y2mate Hulu Downloader:

With Y2mate Hulu Downloader, you can download Hulu videos in stunning high quality and it provides the option of both MP3 and full HD MP4 formats. This downloader works on both YouTube tv vs Hulu Live videos and has an easy-to-use process.

Y2mate Hulu Downloader

Steps to download streaming on Hulu Live TV Channels

  • Use the official site to install the Y2Mate downloader on your PC.

  • On the left plane, look for streaming services and click on that.

  • Browse the list to select Hulu Live vs YouTube TV as per your preference.

  • Browse the listing for the channel and episodes you wish to download.

  • Click on play and the downloader will automatically start the downloading process.

Some striking features of the Y2Mate downloader are:

  • 1080p resolution provides UHD quality to your offline TV episodes without paying anything extra other than your Hulu Live TV cost.

  • Clear audio with the audio channel output of 5.1.

  • Rapid downloading speed.

  • Saves subtitles and metadata including storyline, plot, cast, etc. automatically.

You can also download multiple episodes from Hulu Plus Live TV streaming by adding them to the queue and selecting the bulk downloading option.

IceStream Hulu Downloader

IceStream Hulu Downloader is a high-speed third-party Hulu downloader alternative. This downloader has a very easy-to-use interface and allows for hassle-free download of TV channel content even when you are using Hulu Live TV free trial.

IceStream Hulu Downloader

Salient features of IceStream downloader are:

  • Fast speed of downloading even when you are using the batch downloading feature.

  • It supports MP4 format.

  • Provides clear audios in 5.1 audio outputs.

  • Saves metadata and subtitles automatically.

FLVTO MyStream Hulu Downloader

If you wish to record or download freshly streamed videos Hulu Live vs YouTube TV, MyStream Hulu Downloader is a perfect downloader alternative that provides you this option. You can record, download, and save all the episodes to watch them at a time convenient for you.

MyStream Hulu Downloader

You only need to provide the details of your Hulu account after launching the application on your computer. At Hulu Live TV price, you get HD quality downloaded content as well.

Features of MyStream Hulu downloader are:

  • You can save subtitles and metadata in your preferred language.

  • The entire download occurs at turbo speed.

  • The episodes can be recorded when they are streaming live on the Hulu platform, which is then automatically saved on your PC as MP4 files.

  • It is also available as an app for IOS and Android phones.

  • You receive high-quality pictures whether you stream the downloaded episodes on your smartphone or on bigger screens.

iCOOlsoft Free Downloader

iCOOLSoft is a cool alternative to premium Hulu downloader’s and is available for free. Play your Hulu Live TV price and enjoy many cool features like:


  • Build-in editor to give the downloaded videos your personal touch.

  • Customizable video outputs.

  • Also allows video downloading and editing from other sites like Netflix and YouTube.

After installing the downloader, copy the URL of your favorite videos and paste it into the provided address bar. The video will start downloading once you hit the enter button.

Hulu Downloader

It is a free Hulu Downloader and very easy-to-use software that provides easy access to download videos from Hulu, social media platforms, and YouTube. Some impressive features of this software are:

  • You can download any content by pasting its URL in the address bar of the software.

  • There is a built-in video player.

  • You can also select multiple file-formats before downloading the video.

The downside is that at your regular Hulu Live TV price, you can only download 20 videos. For more, you have to upgrade and purchase a premium version of the software.

AVGO downloader

No need to worry about the expiry and inaccessibility of your favorite TV shows, as AVGO downloader alternative helps you in downloading and saving them on your PC. YouTube tv vs Hulu Live and other streaming platforms like Netflix and Disney Plus, all streaming platforms are accessible with this downloader.

AVGO downloader

You can also convert the downloaded videos into your preferred formats and preferred video quality.

Aiseesoft Screen Recorder

Aiseesoft provides effective tools for video recording and can record any content that is playing on the screen of your computer. Once you start playing your favorite episode on Hulu, give a pause to the content for a minute, launch the recorder, adjust the parameters, and start recording.

Aiseesoft Screen Recorder

You can save the recorded videos in MP4 format.

DoVideo Hulu Video Downloader:

You just need to visit their website and use the DoVideo application for any video of your choice. It works very well on your PC, smartphone, and MacBook.

You just need to copy and paste the URL, click the download button and select a preferred resolution and you get free downloaded content at just the Hulu Live TV cost.

Blu-Ray Master Screen Recorder:

Although it is not a downloader, you can record your favorite shows streamed on YouTube tv vs Hulu Live as you play them. These recordings can be saved and played at a later time using any basic media player.

Blu-Ray Master Screen Recorder

Features of video recording provided by this Blu-Ray Master are:

  • High-quality resolution.

  • Customization of recordings.

  • Can be used by macOS and Windows OS users.

  • User-friendly interface and multiple accessible features.

You have to install and launch the recorder and open your Hulu account. Start playing your favorite episode and start recording, stop when the live streaming ends.

Hulu Live TV price and subscription packages

Once you have learned it with your Hulu Live TV free trial, you can browse various subscription packages on Hulu.

When compared to the cable connection, Hulu Live TV price is very affordable for most people. So, how much is Hulu Live TV let us see a few of their subscription plans:

  1. The basic plan starts at $6.99.

  2. No-ad monthly Hulu Live TV cost is $12.99.

  3. Hulu + Live TV cost includes all the TV channels and on-demand content and the price for this plan is $64.99 per month.

  4. Hulu Plus Live TV no-ad version is priced at $70.99 monthly.


Online or offline, you can now enjoy Hulu Live TV free trial for 30 days and a monthly subscription package at nominal Hulu Live TV price for enjoying your favorite TV shows ad-free on any compatible device. Downloading live streaming to watch later is made easy with the latest downloader Y2Mate Hulu Downloaderso that you can watch them even if they get removed from the channel.

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StreamFab All-In-One
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Y2Mate Hulu Downloader
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KeepStreams for Hulu
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StreamFab All-In-One
StreamFab All-In-One
The best video downloading solution allows you to download videos from any streaming sites.
Y2Mate Hulu Downloader
Y2Mate Hulu Downloader
Support Downloading Hulu Shows, Movies, TVs and Originals in 1080p.
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KeepStreams for Hulu
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