With the increasing live streaming service list available on the market, it is hard to identify the worthy ones. If you think about adding Hulu but are still skeptical if it is worth it, then here are some details. You can start with Hulu live free trial offered on both its ad-free and ad-supported option.

Start with Hulu + live TV free trial 30 days and enjoy unrestricted access to the entire streaming catalog. Just like paid subscriber you can watch all the Hulu originals, movies, and TV shows. You get the chance to test the service comprehensively and identify if it is ideal for you.

What Is the Difference Between Hulu and Hulu TV?


  • On Hulu, you don’t get to watch live TV channels but you can choose between ad-free and ad-supported packages. There is hardly any shortage of content on Hulu’s on-demand streaming library. Enjoy past and current TV shows besides you cannot forget the hit movies collection. Currently, Hulu is popular in releasing its original series, documentaries, and movies under the Hulu Originals category, which are included even in the free Hulu trial plan.
  • On Hulu + live TV plan, you enjoy both worlds. Choose an ad-free or supported plan based on your needs. There are over 65 live channels including popular ones like NBC, Fox, CBS, ABC, Discovery, CNN, A&E, National Geographic, and other channels. You even get the option to upgrade and choose premium networks including Cinemax, HBO Max, Starz, and Showtime. You enjoy complimentary Cloud DVR storage for 50 hours with this plan.


  • Hulu plans - ad-supported $6 p/m and no-ads $12 p/m
  • Hulu + Live TV plans - ad-supported $65 p/m and no-ads $71 p/m

What Do You Need to Know About Hulu Free Trial?

To gain access to Hulu live TV free trial, you will need to subscribe for a basic or premium monthly plan using a credit card. Hulu starts charging after every 30 days and is too transparent about its monthly billing. You don’t need to remember the days left before the 30 days free trial Hulu ends.

Potential subscribers need to consider Hulu plans and Hulu + live TV plans with extra options for ad-free and ad-supported. The offers are attractive without any concerns of contract. Unlike cable providers, you can cancel Hulu free trial anytime. The next billing date is displayed above the cost of service on the ‘Manage Account’ page. If you plan to cancel Hulu free trial then set a reminder one day before the expiry date, so you will not be accidentally billed.

Can You Get Hulu Free Trial Without Membership?

Hulu free trial without credit card is impossible. It even means you cannot gain access to Hulu free trials without a membership. Besides, you get to choose from an array of add-on options and create a custom package suitable to your viewing needs.

How Long Are Hulu Free Trial and Hulu live TV free trial?

Hulu free trial plan is for 30 days. You can start with a basic plan and if you like upgrade it to a premium package. For a shorter period choose the seven days Hulu live TV free trial plans. You can try the Hulu + Live TV free trial 30 days plan with or without ad to give the streaming service a try.

What's on Hulu Free Trial for New Subscribers?

A new subscriber can taste the impressive streaming library ranging from Hulu Originals to Classics to new hits with Hulu free trial plan up to 30 days. Hulu offers 2,500 + movies and 1,650+ TV show including the original series Dollface, only murder in the building, the handmaid’s tale, Ramy: the great, little fires everywhere, etc.

Why Opt for Hulu Free Trial?

There are several reasons to choose Hulu free trial.

  • Flexibility - Hulu is the best OTT streaming service that offers an extensive range of plans, add-ons, channels, and more at a different price range. You can customize the planning as per your needs.
  • Inexpensive option - You can cut the cable cost and choose a Hulu free trial plan to get an idea of how big the on-demand content is offered. There are several contents, which that cable TV does not offer.

What's Available to Watch on Hulu?

On Hulu, you cannot watch live TV channels but get access to the massive and matchless on-demand library including classic or hit movies, shows, documentaries, and even originals. It offers a live TV service to replace the cable and is a great option for news and sports fan or even watch weekly TV episodes. For the new subscribers choosing the Hulu + Live TV free trial 30 days plan, you will find -

  • News channels - CNN, CNBC, MSNBC, HLN, and Fox News
  • Kids channels - Disney, Disney Junior, Cartoon Network, Universal Kids, Nick Jr., and Nickelodeon
  • Sports channels - ESPN, NFL, FS1 & 2 and ESPN2
  • Entertainment & lifestyle channels - Discovery, CW, Comedy Central, History, HGTV, Food Network, Bravo, A&E, National Geographic, TBS, USA, TLC, TNT, Lifetime, and BET.
  • Local channels - FOX, NBC, ABC, and CBS.

For offline watching, you can choose the best Hulu downloaders available for free. Thus you can enjoy ad-free streaming at any time without concerns about low internet speed or no internet connection.

How to Get a Hulu Free Trial?

Check for Hulu live TV free trial 30 days promo code on the internet. You can watch X-files or Napoleon Dynamite for 30 days for free activating the Hulu promo code. You can even sign up for the premium or basic plan for a 30-day trial. Choose any of the following Hulu free trial plans.

Hulu Plans

Basic - Ad-supported

  • Hulu free trial plan - $6.99 p/m
  • Hulu + live TV plan [including ESPN & Disney+]- $69.99 p/m

Premium - Ad-free

  • Hulu free trial plan - $12.99 p/m
  • Hulu + live TV plan [including ESPN & Disney+] - $75.99 p/m

Even with a basic free trial package, you gain access to the same content as with a premium package. The only difference is you cannot unskip the four ad breaks before and during a 30-minute show. It amounts to approximately 5 minutes of your time. However, if you watch movies then after every 12 minutes, you will be interrupted.

Pay a little more and escape the ad's tyranny and enjoy streaming your favorite content seamlessly. The user-friendliness and convenience of add-free or premium service make up for the price difference.

Hulu + Live TV

With Hulu + Live TV, you not just gain access to live TV coverage but even cloud DVR storage of 50 hours. The free trial length is of 7-days.

  • Add-supported at $65 p/m
  • Ad-free at $71 p/m

Premium Add-ons

  • Hulu HBO Max free trial - A 7-day Hulu free trial for $15 per month is available with HBO Max, which is sufficient to stream 8 seasons of the ‘Game of Throne’.
  • Hulu Showtime free trial - A 7-day Hulu free trial for $10.99 per month is available with ShowTime.
  • Hulu Cinemax free trial - A 7-day Hulu free trial for $9.99 per month is available with Cinemax
  • Hulu Starz free trial - A 7-day Hulu Starz free trial for $8.99 per month is available.

Make sure that you sign for Hulu free trial monthly plan because if you choose an annual subscription then you will be unable to cancel or switch plans. With all premium add-ons available for 7-day free trials, you can toggle them one week after another to see how the content unlocks and decide the ones to tack on with your regular subscription.

With basic or premium Hulu free trial plans the number of simultaneous streaming limitations is 2 users or devices. You can choose add-on options for the unlimited screen at $10 p/m.

Get Hulu Free Trial Account with Credit Card

  • Visit the official Hulu website.
  • Click on the option ‘Start your free trial’ in the top right corner.
  • The subscription package section opens showing three different plans.
  • Choose your preferred plan.
  • A prompt to register pops up and you need to fill in the necessary details and sign up.
  • Enter the payment details of your CC [credit card] and ‘Submit’.

In case, you are not using a credit card, then click on the ‘Express Options’ button. You will see alternate payment options in the drop-down menu. For example, click on ‘PayPal checkout’ and log in to the PayPal account to allow the transaction.

Your Hulu Plus free trial will activate instantly after sharing payment details. If you want to keep on with the subscription then there is no need to cancel as soon as 30 days end.

Get Hulu Free Trial Without Credit Card

  • Visit the online website offering Hulu gift card options for $25 or $50.
  • Buy and wait for a confirmation email with a code.
  • Within minutes you will receive the gift card with a code.
  • Visit the hulu.com/gift link and enter the received code.
  • Enter code and hit the ‘Redeem’ button.
  • You created a Hulu free trial without credit card.

Can You Cancel Hulu Free Trial?

Commitment is scary, especially where money is involved. Fortunately, you can cancel Hulu free trial at any time after 30-days. Unlock Hulu + live TV free trial for 7-days before you cancel and try the streaming service content and live programs from multiple channels.

On Desktop

  • Log in to your Hulu account.
  • On the top right side click on the profile icon.
  • Choose ‘Account’ from the drop-down menu.
  • On the bottom of the ‘Manage your Account’ page, there are two options - ‘Pause’ or ‘Cancel your Subscription’.
  • Click on the option ‘Cancel your Subscription’.

You can even choose the ‘Pause subscription’ options rather than completely canceling it. Set the time length to pause or opt for ‘continue to cancel’. You will not be billed for the time your account is set for pause but you will also not be able to watch content. Login anytime to cancel or resume!

On iOS

iOS users will be unable to cancel subscriptions from their Hulu app. Use the above instruction set to cancel a subscription on your Hulu app via desktop browser or mobile browser. You can even cancel your iPhone subscription with the following steps.

  • Open ‘settings’ > Apple ID > Subscriptions > Hulu
  • Choose ‘cancel your subscription’
  • Confirm cancellation
  • You have legally canceled your Hulu subscription

Until the billing period expiry, you can enjoy Hulu movies and videos. For re-subscribing return to the subscription page and choose ‘renew your subscription’.

On Android

Android users can cancel Hulu membership in-app.

  • Open the app. On the bottom right side, click on the profile icon.
  • Re-enter password, if mentioned.
  • On the account screen, at the bottom, you will see ‘Cancel your subscription’.
  • Choose to cancel and you will be offered option ‘pause’ and time length setting along with another option ‘cancel your subscription’.
  • To complete cancellation choose the reason you are canceling and click on ‘continue to cancel’.

Always remember, that after the trial period is over, Hulu will automatically turn the subscriber into a paid member. To avoid auto-renewal charges you need to stop Hulu free trial using the above steps. After you have canceled, a confirmation email is sent from Hulu. This is how you can avoid auto-renewal and end the free Hulu trial.

New subscribers, who started with the Hulu live TV free trial 30 days found that there was a lot of programming they were missing. They could keep up with their currently airing favorite shows without having to wait for the full season to be made available on other streaming services.

Final Words

Hulu live TV trial is available with a monthly subscription to basic or premium plan. The ad-supported and ad-free Hulu free trial is available for 30 days. Basic and premium Hulu + live TV are available for a 7-day free trial. Hulu free trials of 7 days are available as premium add-ons with HBO Max, Showtime, Starz, and Cinemax. Cancel Hulu free trial anytime!

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