Disney Plusstreaming service is gaining momentum since its launch in November 2019. It is supported by a vast content library holding shows and movies from Walt Disney Animation Studios, Walt Disney Pictures, Lucasfilm, Marvel Studios, National Geographic, Pixar, and Star Wars.

During its launch, Disney Plus cheery-picked movies from Fox Searchlight Pictures, 20th Century Fox, Touchstone Pictures, and Hollywood Pictures. In the beginning, Disney+ streaming services offered more than 7,000 TV episodes and approximately 500 films with an expectation to add in the forthcoming weeks and months.

Some content on Disney Plus is available in different languages including English, Dutch, French, Spanish, etc. You can even stream content up to 4K UHD in Dolby Vision & HDR 10. It even supports the Dolby Atmos sound, if available. The platform even features original scripted & non-scripted matters.

Disney Plusis available in the US, Canada, Australia, Netherlands, New Zealand, UK, France, Italy, Ireland, Germany, and several locations in Eastern & Western Europe, Latin America, and the Asia-Pacific. During the launch, theDisney Plus Free trialwas available but got swept away within six months.

In the mid-2020, thefree trial Disney Plusoffer disappeared for multiple reasons. It was assumed that the awaiting arrival of a huge summer blockbuster like Hamilton was added. Nevertheless, Disney could not afford to have its streaming service borrowed during the pandemic forDisney Plus 7 day free trialand leave.

After removing theDisney Plus free trialoffer, it introduced the Disney+ Premiere Access feature. Premiere Access subscribers could watch the Walt Disney Studio’s latest movie premieres, while movie theaters stayed closed because of the COVID-19 situation.

Is There a Free Trial for Disney Plus?

Currently, there are no chances for getting into afree trial of Disney Plus. Disney+ is gaining subscribers in thousands every week. However, you can do it smartly in a couple of ways.

  • If you are a Verizon customer in the US then you can gainDisney Plus free trial Verizonfor one-year. After the year, Verizon Wireless plan holder can persist streaming at regularDisney Plus priceof $7.99/m. The one-yearVerizon Disney+package is offered to those customers with unlimited plans and to those with a new 5G Home Internet and Fios plan. Business accounts don’t qualify for thisVerison Disney+package.
  • If you are a Verizon Wireless customer as well as signed forDisney Plusthen you are eligible for this specialVerizon Disney+promotional deal. Check out with your local provider on how to leverage this special deal.
  • In terms of theDisney Plus sign up free trialoffer, there is hope for countries where Disney+ is going to be launched. For example, in Japan, theDisney Plus 30 day free trialwas used as a promotional deal but since its re-launch in 2021, October 27th the offer vanished. Nevertheless, the current launches in Taiwan, Korea, Hong Kong, Thailand, Malaysia, and Singapore didn’t have free trial offers. New customers can hope that the local cable TV providers may offerDisney Plus free trialdeals to attract sign-ups.
  • Amazon Music's unlimited subscription plan offersDisney Plus free trialfor six months. If you are a music lover then subscribe for the Amazon Music Unlimited subscription and watch Disney+ TV shows and classics free for 6 months and then if you desire to pay for the standardDisney plus priceof $7.99.

Instead of looking for ways to attain afree Disney Plus trialdeal, sign up with the monthly subscription charges that are reasonably cheap. If you commit to substantial upfront payment then you will save 16% annually.

How to get a Disney Plus free trial smartly?

Since June 2020, thefree trial of Disney Pluswas finally canceled for new subscribers. Nevertheless, Disney has bid farewell to its free trial promotional deals including Japan, since November 2021. On Disney+ Day [12th Nov 2021], it introduced a $1.99 offer to new subscribers in the US and UK for one month but lasted for only two days.

Does Disney Plus Have A Free Trial Available Anywhere Currently?

Unfortunately, NO! Universally, it was available in major countries during the launch but within six months the deal vanished. Even if thefree Disney Plus trialhas disappeared, the service still offers the cheapest price tag of $7.99 per month in the US, £7.99 in the UK, $11.99 in Australia, and $11.99 in Canada.

It is much less than its streaming competitors HBO Max or Netflix. With cheap Disney Plus price tags, subscribers can enjoy access to the massive Disney library including diverse genres ad-free or without any frustrations caused by commercials.

However, if you want to download Disney Plus videos offline, you can view this best Disney Plus Downloader review to use third-party Disney Plus Downloaders.

How to gain access to Disney Plus free trial smartly?

Even if you don’t gain access to Disney plus free trial deals directly, you can move smartly in an indirect way.

  • If you are a US customer then check out theVerizon Disney+deals. If anyone from your family has a Verizon subscription with unlimited plans then you can watch Disney+ content free for up to one year.
  • In the same way, across the Atlantic, the O2 customers are offeredDisney Plus free trialdeals for 6 months on selected monthly package associated with specific handsets.
  • Check out gaming services like Xbox or PlayStation4 to find out if they are offeringDisney Plus Free trialdeals for signing up with them. Xbox had currently offered one-month Disney Plus free trial perks to their game pass members. It is worth keeping a lookout.

Why Go With Disney+ Free Trial?

People look forDisney Plus free trialsto find out what the streaming service has to offer. The streaming service offers limited free trial offers as a promotion strategy to attract sign-ups. Even though currently, there is no directfree trial onDisney Plus, you can test it out with a monthly package of just $7.99 and cancel the subscription if you don’t like it.

What can you watch on Disney+?

You gain access to a complete Disney+ library that holds 7500+ unique titles.

  • Best movies like Agent Carter, Ant-man, Already Pitch, Guardians of Galaxy, Hostile Planet, Fantastic Four, LEGO, High school music, etc.
  • Best TV shows like Avengers: End Game, Gravity Falls, Aladdin, Black Panther, Iron Man, Mary Poppins, Inside Out, etc.

Disney Plus is compatible with multiple devices including Smartphones, iPhones, iPad, Apple TVs, PS4, Fire TV Stick, Chromecast, Roku, Xbox One, Smart TV, Mac, and Computer. As there is no directDisney Plus sign up free trial, you will need to pay for enjoying the plethora of content available in its massive library.

How Much Does Disney Plus Cost?

Disney Plus is available in several countries, here are the specific Disney Plus price for different countries.

In the US


  • Monthly $7.99 and Yearly $79.99


  • Disney Plus + ad supported Hulu + ESPN Plus $13.99/m
  • Disney Plus + ad-free Hulu + ESPN Plus $19.99/m

In Canada


  • Monthly $11.99 and Yearly $119.99

In the UK


  • Monthly $7.99 and Yearly $79.90

In Australia


  • Monthly $11.99 and Yearly $119.99

The Disney Plus price at $8 per month and reduced to $79.99 if you pay for 12 months in advance. It means you can enjoy two months of free streaming with the $16 savings. The Disney subscription allows you to create 7 user-profiles and watch the programs up to four screens simultaneously. You can also download the best Disney movies and shows on up to ten devices.

You can leverage the Bundle deals or even the Premiere Access option offered to watch recent theater releases of Walt Disney before the regular subscribers of Disney+ does. For Premiere Access, you need to pay an extra $34.99 per movie [only for one movie]. However, the same movie can be streamed as many times as you desire.

The movies available after buying the Premiere Access feature will not stay there permanently. After three months they are shifted to the main Disney+ library for other standard subscribers to stream. No other streaming service offers Premiere Access, so why wait forDisney Plus free trial offers!

At the moment, you can grab theDisney Plus free trial Verizondeal or become a paying subscriber of Disney plus. Choose the bundles and save around $5 because if you bought the ad-supported bundle it can cost you approximately $18 but theDisney Plus priceis $13.99.


Is Disney's 30-day free trial still open in the UK?

Disney Plus launch started with a bang in the UK offering free trial as a part of its promotion strategy. It was for seven days and people enjoyed vast content including Disney, Star Wars, Pixar, National Geographic, and Marvel. Unfortunately, if you are planning aDisney Plus sign up free trialdeal then you will be disappointed as the platform has stopped offering them anywhere around the world.

Does Disney Plus have Free Trial?

When it launched,Disney sign up free trialdeals were offered for new subscribers. Unlike Amazon Prime and Hulu, Disney+ does not currently offer free trial deals. Fortunately, if you are a Verizon customer in the US then you can gain access to theVerizon Disney+deal. Verizon offers a 6-month free subscription to Disney plus with specific plans including Get More Unlimited, Start Unlimited, Do More Unlimited and Play More Unlimited packages.

Is there a free trial of Disney Plus bundles?

Unfortunately, Disney does not directly offer any free trial of Disney Plus bundles but the members can enjoy Hulu and ESPN+ for a low rate i.e. at $13.99 per month. For individual subscription on Hulu - $6, ESPN+ - $5, and Disney+ - $7.99 means you have to pay a total of 18.99. If you buy the Disney+ bundle you pay $13.99, which means you save $5 every month on the trio.

How many people can use Disney+ simultaneously?

A single Disney+ subscription is the best streaming option for families or to share with several users in remote locations. The plan allows four people to stream Disney+ movies and shows simultaneously. It means you can stream old classics on the living room TV, while your child can watch Star Wars on other screens across the house.

If you compare this with Netflix’s basic plan then at $8.99 per month, it allows you to stream on a single device. For four screens simultaneous watching you need to choose the Premium package price at $17.99. With Hulu, the standard subscription at $5.99 allows you to watch on just two devices at the same time.

Are there chances of Disney Plus free trial coming back?

Now and then unique offers were introduced to attract new subscribers like the Amazon Music Unlimited subscription proposal. They even offered new subscribers in the US and UK a first-month offer for $1.99 on 12th Nov 2021, which was only for two days. Their offers come with a catch and limited timeline, so keep your eyes open to watch the entire Star War series.

Is there a way for a person residing in another country to gain access to the cheapest Disney+ subscription plan?

The Disney Plus price in the US is $7.99, while in the UK is £7.99, which means 10.64 in US dollars. So, a UK citizen can choose a cheaper option. To do this gain access to a reliable VPN and connect to the country that offers the cheapest subscription. Based on your country’s conversion rates take advantage and subscribe.

This is a great option to handle the unavailability issue of theDisney Free trialand to test content on Disney+ gain access from another country.

  • Subscribe to premium VPN services.
  • Install and launch the VPN app.
  • Connect it with the country you desire to subscribe to Disney+
  • Gain access to a Disney+ subscription in that region.
  • Sign in and stream your much loved Star Wars series or other Disney Studio movies!

Final Thoughts

Disney+ streaming service has become exclusively popular, so the possibility ofDisney Plus free trialchances in the future are nil. Nevertheless, it offers the cheapest monthly subscription, which is better than a 7-day free trial. Its Premiere Access feature allows watching the latest Walt Disney releases at a cost. Besides, you can buyDisney plussubscription from a country offering the cheapest rate using a premium VPN service.

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KeepStreams for Disney Plus
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