In 2020, HBO Max was launched. HBO’s brand appeal was awesome and the exclusive rights that HBO Max subscribers attained were remarkable. The broadcast that every 2021 new movie releases from Warner Bros would stream on HBO Max along with the theater. Millions of users with Roku expressed their disappointment about the omission of the HBO Max streaming service.


To watchHBO MAX on Rokuwas impossible but by the end of 2020, a deal was struck betweenRoku and HBO Max.

So, is HBO MAX on Rokunow! Yes, to every Roku user’s pleasureRoku HBO MAXcan be streamed with ease. HBO Max covers more than 4,000 channels covering movies, TV, news, music streaming, games, and VOD. On Roku people are spoiled for choices.

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What do you need to know about HBO Max on Roku?

What can I watch on HBO Max with Roku?

The Roku platform offers customers a huge selection of live TV, Roku Originals, free ad-supported VOD, and premium subscriptions.Roku HBO Maxoffers more than 10,000 hours of showbiz and fun from top names in the TV and movie world.

HBO Max with Roku

There are popular titles from Warner Bros. film library DC Entertainment blockbusters, TCM curated classics, a plethora of animation movies, documentaries, and much-admired Crunchyroll & Studio Ghibli anime. You also got an array of leading-edge and iconic HBO TV shows including Boardwalk Empire and The Wire as well as hits like Euphoria, Undoing, and Lovecraft Country.

Max Originals include Raised by wolves, the Flight Attendant, and every season of Gossip Girl, Friends, and Big Bang Theory. There are also the new 2021 releases available within one month of release in the theater. Kids' experience is also great with flexible parental control. The HBO Max Hubs is committed to popular brands including the Looney Tunes, Cartoon Network Collection, Adult Swim Collection, DC, etc.

Besides HBO MAX on Roku, you can stream CBS sports, Tubi, Plex, Redbox, Hallmark movies, Food Network Go, TLC Go, and music on Pandora. Some popular VOD platforms like Amazon Prime, Hulu, Netflix, and Disney are also associated with Roku.

From Roku, you can download movies and episodes on your devices for later watching or offline watching at your convenience. To learn more abouthow to add HBO MAX to Rokuthen read further.

How to Systematically install HBO Max on Roku?

If you want to enjoyHBO Max on Rokudevice then download the HBO Max app. You can install theRoku HBO MAXapp in two ways –

1. From web browser

  • Visit Roku Channel store.
  • You may need to provide Roku credentials to access the store.Search HBO Max using Search Channel Bar on the screen top.
  • Click on ‘HBO Max’ and then on the next page ‘+Add Channel’
  • Channel will automatically get added to the lineup of your Roku channel.

2. From Roku device

Roku device

  • Start Roku TV and visit the Channel store.
  • Using a remote look for HBO Max.
  • Choose it from the search result and on the next screen click on the ‘+Add Channel’ button.
  • Wait for some time to download and get HBO Max added to your menu.

How to sign in to HBO Max on Roku

If you have an HBO account then you can sign in HBO max channel with your account sign-up credentials. For example, if you have HBO via cable provider then use the cable credentials or if you have it via AT&T then use AT&T credentials to sign up. But if you don’t have an HBO account then sign up on their official account or you can sign in to your installed Roku channel.

  • After installingHBO Max on Roku tv, open the app and choose ‘Subscribe Now’ or ‘Start Free Trial’.
  • Fill in the requested details and click on ‘Create Account’.
  • Choose subscription level and enter payment details.
  • Click on ‘Subscribe Now’ or ‘Start Free Trial’.

HBO Max Plan and Pricing - How much is HBO MAX on Roku?

HBO MAX on Roku

  • The Standard monthly package - $14.99. [Ad-free + 30 titles for downloading or offline watching for 48 hrs. once you start watching or after 30 days]]
  • Ad-supported tier- $9.99 [less ad + no downloads + no Warner Bros. big movies].

The access to HBO MAX on Toku costs the same monthly price $14.99. The subscription can be canceled at any time.

When compared to HBO cost Hulu offers $6.99 per month or $69.99 per year. The ad-free plan is $12.99 and for the unlimited screen, you need to pay an extra $9.99 which means for a standard unlimited screen, the ad-free plan you have to pay $12.99 + $9.99 = $22.98. Thus the ‘Ad Free’ plan of HBO Max $14.99 does not seem extravagant. In the same way, HBO max price seriously challenges Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney Plus, and other streaming services.

However, you can watch HBO max for free by choosing cable TV services that offer HBO. WarnerMedia has an agreement with several cable TV providers like Altice, Fios, Comcast, etc. You can sign up for an AT&T U-verse subscription or an internet plan to get free HBO Max. For new customers, AT&T and Direct TV free one-year trials are offered on ultimate and choice packages, so you can enjoy HBO max free for one year.

Is HBO MAX free on Roku?

HBO Max on Rokuis accessible for 30-days when you purchase, set up, and activate a new Roku streaming device. The offer is for new customers and lasts until 14th January 2022.

What to do when HBO Max not working on Roku - Follow the steps to fix the error?

After a long wait,HBO Max on Rokuis available. Unfortunately, users are complaining about technical issues when they stream onRoku HBO Max app.

HBO Max not working on Roku

Troubleshooting HBO MAX Roku not working technical problems

  • Restart Roku & reboot the modem

Remove Roku stick and re-install it to perform a hard reset or go to settings -> System -> System Restart

  • Update Roku/upgrade device

The HBO Max supports only Roku 9.3 & later editions. Older Roku models like 2500 need to be upgraded. To update – press the home button on the remote. Go to settings -> System -> System Update.

If your Roku model operates on a 9.4.0 OS version or more and HBO max doesn’t work then contact Roku support.

  • Disable your VPN

Watching HBO MAX on Roku is limited to US and specific US territories. Therefore use your genuine IP address. VPN use hides the IP address, so you receive error codes. Therefore disable VPN and check whetherHBO MAX Roku workaround.

  • Clear cache

Clear the corrupted data and cache from your home screen. There are chances the HBO Max will work smoothly on Roku.

  • Re-add the channel

Remove and reinstall the HBO Max app to fix the glitches and bugs. From home ->Streaming Channels -> Channel Store, locate the HBO Max app and on the remove press OK. Choose ‘Remove Channel’ and confirm. Visit Channel Store, find the HBO Max app, and press the ‘install’ button!

When you findHBO Max not working on Rokuthen use the above steps to fix the issue.

Top 4 HBO Downloader Software

1. IceStream HBO downloader

2Conv IceStream offers the best HBO download service. You may not miss on your favorite serials and motion pictures before they expire with the IceStream downloader. Download in H.264or MP4 format for viewing without Wi-Fi. You can choose the audio and video quality of the content you desire to download.


  • Install and run the IceStream downloader
  • Sign in your HBO Max account from within the downloader’s interface.
  • Browse and find the movie or content you desire to download.
  • Start playing and you will see a button saying ‘Ready to Download’. Press it and choose audio & subtitle options.
  • Soon, the download will start.

2. Y2Mate HBO Max downloader

HBO Max does not offer an auto-download option. Therefore if you desire to watch videos before they expire, it is impossible sometimes because you need to watch them from the device it was downloaded.

Y2Mate HBO Max downloader

Y2Mate HBO downloader allows you an auto-download of newly released episodes of your favorite serial. The software is capable to identify the genre and locating the video and downloading several episodes at once.

  • Install and run the Y2Mate HBO downloader
  • Sign in your HBO Max account from within the downloader’s interface.
  • Browse and find the movie or content you desire to download.
  • Start playing.
  • Soon, the download will start.
  • After the video is downloaded use the USB cable to transfer the file to your Smartphone.

KeepStream HBO Max downloader

KeepStream HBO Max Downloader allows streaming megahits and blockbusters new and old from their awesome content library. Watching them offline has its limitations as HBO restricts some devices. HBO Max download offers you to watch later but the downloaded content is not kept for more than a month. If you start watching then the download is removed from the device within 48 hours.


KeepStream HBO downloader allows you to watch content offline even after 30 days. You can download unlimited content from HBO Max for watching later.

  • From the official website install KeepStream HBO downloader on your device.
  • From the software’s service window pane choose HBO Max.
  • Log in to your HBO Max account from the windowpane.
  • Browse and choose content to download
  • Choose language for metadata and subtitle before pressing the download button.
  • Download & save

StreamFab HBO downloader

StreamFab HBO downloader is easy and quick to download videos at Fast speed & Batch mode. Download metadata details with the video for better managing.


  • Install and run the StreamFab HBO downloader
  • Sign in your HBO Max account from within the downloader’s streaming service section.
  • Browse and find the movie or content you desire to download.
  • Start playing.
  • Soon, the download will start.

Pros & Cons of HBO MAX on Roku

Does Roku have HBO Max?

In 2020, when HBO Max was started Roku did not have an affiliation with HBO. However, HBO Max subscribers were provided access to popular TV shows, Originals, and not just the classics but even the new releases of Warner Bros. Millions of Roku subscribers felt sad thatRokuHBO MAXwere not in an agreement. Eventually, on 17th December 2020, a deal was signed and Roku users enjoyed watching Wonder Woman on Christmas Day.

When will HBO Max be on Roku?

Roku and HBO MAXfinally struck a deal at the end of December 2020.HBO Max was connected with millions of Roku subscribers. Roku users can pay for an HBO subscription directly using the Roku Pay option.

Can you get HBO Max on Roku?

You can get HBO Max on Roku from the Roku’s Channel store

  • Click ‘Home’ on Roku remote
  • Choose Streaming Channels -> Search Channels -> enter HBO Max
  • Press ‘OK’ and view the details -> Add Channel

HBO Max on Roku TV

If you already have HBO Now or HBO Max subscription then from the Roku device gain access via entering HBO log-in details [Username & password]. When prompted choose ‘Access all of HBO Max’.

If your satellite or cable package offers HBO services then use the cable providers' or satellites credentials to authenticate and accessHBO MAX on Roku.

Can I get HBO Max on Roku?

HBO Max supports Roku streaming devices running on OS 9.3 & higher. For more information visit the Home screen and choose Setting-> System-> about. Here you can check for software updates anytime.

If the old Roku device does not support Roku OS 9.3 then it is time to choose an upgraded Roku streaming device to enjoy watching HBO Max.

How much is HBO Max on Roku

The subscription for HBO Max on Roku is $14.99 per month and the ad-supported version costs $9.99 per month.

Is HBO Max free on Roku

HBO Max free redemption of 30 days is available on Roku but you need to purchase a new Roku streaming device and activate it.


Does Roku have HBO MAX?Yes, Roku is offering HBO Max streaming for its millions of fans. They can subscribe to HBO Max directly using Roku Payment. For office watching Roku users can download the Y2Mate HBO downloader for free and enjoy better sound HD quality downloaded movies.

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StreamFab All-In-One
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Y2Mate HBO Downloader
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StreamFab All-In-One
The best video downloading solution allows you to download videos from any streaming sites.
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Y2Mate HBO Downloader
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