Disney Plus Error Code 24, which means that your account was not connected to correctly before playing the video, is an indication of a Disney error. You could have an error with your internal network or Internet connectivity.

Error code 24

What DoesDisney Plus Error Code 24Look Like?


This error will usually be accompanied by an error message.

Unfortunately, your account is not being connected. You can re-enter the account information again and then try again. You can also visit Disney+ Help Center Error Code 24

How to Fix Disney Plus Error Code 24

Before we address the Disney Plus error code 24, let us first check your Internet connection. A slow connection, or an inconsistent connection can affect streaming quality of Disney Plus.

How to manage internet connections


You can try the following steps to ensure that you're connected consistently.

  1. Stop using any apps or programs
  2. Move your wireless device closer to the Wi -Fi sourceif you are using a wired connection
  3. Turn off all devices attached to your home network
  4. You can perform a power-cycle of your modem, router and device.
  • For Disney Plus to be viewed, you must turn the device off.
  • Switch off your router and modem, and then disconnect them from power.
  • You don't need to do this if your cell phone is using cellular data.
  • Then wait at least thirty seconds before you restart your router, modem or streaming device.
  • Start Disney Plus to stream again


5. You can open Disney Plus, play a video and check your connection.

You can try switching your router or modem off again if you experience slow connections. You should also be aware that streaming quality may suffer if your connection is strong.

  • Distance between a streaming device (or Wi-Fi router)
  • Number of devices that are connected to the network
  • Network issues or outage with your internet provider

Use Disney Plus Supported Devices

Make sure to use one of the compatible devices for the best experience with Disney Plus.

How Can I Watch Disney Plus Videos with No Error Code?

Watching Disney Plus videos offline and downloading them is the best method to get around network congestion and device interference.

Only the Disney Plus App default option can be used to download content. It cannot be viewed on more than one device for any given time. The default option will prevent you from sharing the content.

Y2mate Disney Plus Downloader could be an excellent option. It can prove to be very practical and helpful. This allows you to access a more powerful download of your Disney Plus content at 1080p video quality, and speeds up the process.


What to Do When You Get Stuck with Common Disney Plus Errors?

This article describes how to fix Error Code 24 on Disney Plus. Y2mate Disney Plus Downloader was also a great option to download your favourite content for offline viewing without the Disney Plus errors.

Other Common Disney Plus Error Codes:

Extension - What Devices Does Disney Plus Accept?

Make sure your device is a Disney Plus-supported device.

Web browsers

Disney+ supports the computers and browsers listed below.* We suggest using the latest version of your browser to get the best Disney+ experience.


  • Google 75+ are supported by Windows 7 & later.
  • Edge supports Windows 10 (or later)
  • Firefox 68+ supports Windows 7 (or later Windows 7).


  • Safari 11+ supports macOS 10.12, Sierra and later
  • chrome 75+ works on macOS (Yosemite), but not later.
  • Firefox HTML68+ can be used on macOS 11.9. (Mavericks), or later1.


  • The current version Chrome will work on Chrome OS-79 and higher

Mobile devices and tablets

iPhones & iPads

Disney+ Supports the Following Apple Mobile Devices on iOS12.0 or later:

  • iPhone
  • iPod Touch
  • iPad

Android smartphones and tablets

  • Disney+ works with Android tablets and phones running AndroidOS 5.0 (Lollipop), later.

Amazon Fire tablet

  • Disney+ support Amazon Fire tablets with Fire OS version 5.0 or later.
  • Windows 10 & 11.

Smart TVs

Android TV devices

Disney+ can support a wide range of Android TV sets and models with Android OS 5.0 or later.

  • Sharp
  • Sony Bravia
  • Xiaomi Mi Box

Hisense smart TVs

Disney+ supports ChooseThese operating systems can be used with any Hisense smart TV (2017 model or later):

  • VIDAA 2.5
  • VIDAA 4.0 or newer

LG WebOS smart TVs

Disney+ support LG TV's with WebOS3.0 or later. Please note streaming isn't supported by the LG TV web browser app or LG TVs running NetCast OS.


Samsung Tizen smart TVs

Disney+ support Samsung Smart TV's with the tipzen operating systems (models 2016 and older). Please be aware that streaming is not available on Samsung TV's web browser or Samsung TVs equipped with Orsay OS.

Vizio SmartCast TV

Vizio SmartCast TV models made in 2016 or later are supported by Disney+. Please Note: Streaming is not supported for the VizioSmartCast TV models released in 2016 and later.

Gaming consoles and streaming media

Amazon Fire TV

Disney+ support Fire TV devices with Fire OS, 5.0 or later.

Apple TV 4th Generation and Later

Disney+ support the following Apple TV models running TVOS 12.0, and later versions:

  • Apple TV HD (4th Generation or Later)
  • Apple TV 4K


Disney+ is compatible with the following Chromecast models & devices:

  • Google Chromecast (Version 1 or newer)
  • Google Nest Hub + Nest Hub Max
  • Android TV Devices (with Chromecast built in)

Cox Contour TV & Contour Stream Box


Disney+ support is available on PS4 models and PS5 models.

  • Playstation 4: Find Disney+ in the PlayStation Store.
  • On PlayStation 5, find the Disney+ app via Media > All Apps.


Disney+ is a supporter of the following Roku model:

  • Roku 2700X (2700X)
  • Roku 1, 2, 3 and 4
  • Express+, Roku Express
  • 4K Roku Premiere, Premiere+
  • 4K Roku Ultra, Ultra LT
  • Roku Streaming Stick
  • 4K Roku streaming stick+
  • 4K Roku Smart speaker
  • Roku TV


Disney+ support the following Xbox consoles

  • Xbox One
  • Xbox Series X|S

Xfinityflex and X1TV Box

Disney+ support the following Xfinity models

  • Xfinity Flex
  • Xfinity X1
  • XiOne
  • XG2v2
  • XG1v3
  • XG1v4(DVR; Arris Model)
  • XiD: Non-DVR Model; Pace Model or Cisco Model
  • Xi5 Wireless Tv Box (Non-DVR, Pace Model)
  • Xi6 Wireless Tv Box (NonDVR, Arris and Technicolor)

To resolve the problem, make sure your device supports the above steps.

  • Force to close, relaunch Disney+ app
  • Restart your streaming device
  • Test your internet connection
  • Make sure your HDMI cables are connected to the streaming device
  • Try streaming content in another app
  • Remove and reinstall Disney+ app
  • Test streaming using the Disney+ app from another device
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