Disney Plus is a must-have streaming platform for those who want to watch some high-quality movies and TV shows. So, why not give your loved ones an opportunity to watch some great content from the Disney Plus streaming platform too? Don’t know how? Well, with a Disney Plus Gift card, of course!

If you aren’t familiar with Disney Plus Gift Cards, then this article is for you.

In this article, we are going to tell you everything you need to know about the Disney Gift Card, what it is, and how you can get one. Plus, we are also going to tell you about a fantastic Disney Plus downloader, so that you can download all your desired Disney Plus movies and TV shows for offline viewing.

What’s Disney Plus Gift Card?

Disney Plus gift card is a gift card by Disney’s official streaming platform, that allows users to enjoy an entire year full of magic. Through this card, individuals can watch endless Disney Plus content, including mega-hit and classic TV serials, movies, blockbuster content, kids’ content, and pretty much every content that is streaming on the Disney Plus streaming platform.

The best part is, the Disney Plus gift card makes the perfect present to give someone. All you need to do is purchase the Disney Plus gift card, and then use the code that has been sent to you by email.

So, what can an individual enjoy through this Disney Plus gift card? Well, unlimited and ad-free access to the entire content catalog on the Disney Plus streaming platform.

This includes countless TV series and movies from Pixar, Marvel, Nat Geo, Star Wars, 20th Century Fox, as well as Disney Plus originals and exclusive content, and so on. Let’s not forget that this Disney Plus content will include subtitles, as well as different language settings. Read about how to change the language on Disney Plus here: Why and How to Change the Language on Disney Plus?

Plus, Disney Plus gift card holders will also be able to enjoy unlimited downloads from Disney Plus, which they can enjoy anywhere, anytime, absolutely without the need for the internet. How pretty awesome is that?

Let’s also not forget simultaneous streams on up to four devices at once, and adding upto 7 profiles! This way, the whole family can enjoy customized Disney Plus content!

How Much Does a Disney Plus Gift Card Cost?

The price of this Disney Plus gift card will vary according to which country you are residing in. Here are the current prices of this gift card by Disney Plus in each country:

  • USA - $79.99
  • UK - £79.90
  • Canada - $119.99
  • Australia -$119.99

Yes, we know what you’re thinking. What’s the use of this Disney Plus card? How is it any different than subscribing directly to monthly plans on Disney Plus?

The short answer is, by getting hold of a Disney gift card, you will be able to save upto $16, £16, or even CA/AU$22, as compared to paying for Disney Plus on a month-by-month basis!

In simple words, you will be having access to and watching all the amazing content on Disney Plus for 12 months, only at the price of 10 months. So, why not opt for this Disney Plus gift card when you’ll be saving this much money?

Who Will Be Able to Use This Disney Plus Gift Card?

Generally, only new subscribers that do not already have this service will be able to redeem Disney Plus gift cards. In case they do, they will not be able to use the Disney Plus gift card. So, if you’re totally new at Disney Plus, then you should definitely consider getting this card, as this is the only way of getting a Disney Plus subscription at a much cheaper and discounted price!

How to Get a Disney Plus Gift Card?

Now we’ll tell you how you can easily get yourself, or your loved one, a Disney Plus gift card.

A Disney Plus gift card can be purchased physically, but only in a few selected locations. You can easily purchase these gift cards from Disney World Resort, Disneyland Resort, and other Disney store locations in the US, Canada, as well as Puerto Rico.

But, if you reside elsewhere, or can’t seem to access these locations, you will have to digitally purchase these Disney Plus gift cards from shopDisney.

Here’s how to get started with the Disney Plus gift card:

  • Head over to shopDisney in order to purchase the Disney Plus gift card
  • Enter your details, or the person to whom you wish to gift this Disney Plus gift card to. Provide the name and email, as well as the date you want it to be delivered
  • The fee will be charged from your card as soon as you make the purchase
  • When you receive the Disney plus gift card, head over to DisneyPlus.com/redeememail. In case you are having issues using Disney Plus, head over to our troubleshooting guide here - How Do I Fix Disney Plus If It Isn't Working?
  • Click on Offer, and then enter the code that has been sent to you by email

That’s it. You and your loved one can now enjoy endless content on the Disney Plus streaming platform. But remember, this Disney Plus gift card can only be redeemed once.

But wait… did you know that you can use this Disney Plus gift card along with the bundle of ESPN+ and Hulu? You will be glad to know that recipients can easily subscribe to this streaming bundle with Hulu and ESPN+, that too at a much-discounted price!

Here is how you can do this:

Step 1: Redeem your Disney Plus gift subscription voucher by entering the code

Step 2: Make your Disney Plus account

Step 3: Head over to the Disney Plus Billing Details page

Step 4: Click on the Disney bundle

That’s it. You will now be upgraded to the $14 a month bundle plan, with not only Disney Plus but Hulu and ESPN+ as well!

Best Downloader to Download Movies and Shows from Disney Plus

Looking for a downloader to download some of your favorite and most-desired Disney Plus TV serials and movies? Well, we have it right in this article, just for you.

Let us present to you FlixPal Disney Plus Downloader. FlixPal Disney Plus Downloader is an amazing third-party downloading software that you can use to download all your desired TV shows, episodes, films, Disney Plus original and exclusive content, and much more from the Disney Plus streaming platform.

The best part is, with FlixPal Disney Plus Downloader, you will be able to access and download other country-specific content from the Disney Plus streaming platform. We’re talking about amazing Disney Plus content from other countries which might not be available in your own country, such as from the UK, USA, France, Germany, and so on. Talk about convenience!

Plus, you will be totally amazed by the video and audio quality of the FlixPal Disney Plus Downloader. And, all of your videos from Disney Plus will be completely ad-free!

Let's check out all the features of FlixPal Disney Plus Downloader…


  • Access and download country-specific Disney Plus websites, including France, Germany
  • High audio and video resolution- up to 720 p
  • Enjoy videos completely ad-free
  • Customizable subtitles available (Enjoy videos in your native language)
  • Subtitles can be saved as SRT or remux into video
  • Batch Mode feature for downloading numerous episodes in one go
  • GPU boost- for fast and smooth downloading speed

FlixPal Disney Plus Downloader is incredibly easy and straightforward to use. You can see it for yourself…

How to use:

  • Download and install FlixPal Disney Plus Downloader
  • Launch the software when it has finished downloading
  • Go to the Disney Plus streaming platform
  • Choose any Disney + title you wish to download
  • Press the Download Now button

That’s it - your desired Disney Plus title(s) will now start downloading.

Want to know more about some reliable and helpful Disney Plus downloaders? Don’t worry, we have a whole list of the 15 best Disney Plus downloaders, only for you. Read all about it in this article - 15 Best Disney+ Downloaders [2022 Latest Guide]


We’re down to our conclusion now.

Let’s have a quick recap of all we have talked about in this article.

In this article, we told you all about the most-famous Disney Plus Gift Card. We told you everything you needed to know about what it actually is, where and how you can get one, and how you can activate it in order to start using it.

Plus, we also introduced you to FlixPal Disney Plus Downloader, which is a spectacular downloading software, that will help you download literally any title or video from the Disney Plus streaming platform so that you can watch all your favorite movies and tv shows without the internet, and on any device, you want to watch it on.

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