Downloading any online video or any clip is not that simple to do as they are customized with strict parameters for which user probes some best compatible video downloader or go for any chrome extension if using a chrome browser. Most of the websites that contain video contents are assorted with an inbuilt download feature either for free or paid. Whereas some of these websites don't allow video downloading or have some limitations for users. These websites ask the user for subscriptions or paid memberships to view or download any video from these websites. To come over with these video downloading issues we need the best chrome video downloader that will help out in downloading any video or short clippings from the internet without much hassle.

Features of Best Video Downloader Chrome

Many of these stream downloader and YouTube downloader chrome are boosted with greater capacity to download long videos with better resolutions and maximum download format support. Some of these popular video downloaders for chrome are integrated with advanced download features to download and convert these videos in different formats with the best video quality.

Common features for best chrome video downloader:

  • Allows the user to download Multiple videos

  • Download streaming videos in preferred formats

  • Simple interface with easy to use features

  • Enables Ad-free video download experience

  • Fast accessibility and video downloading

  • Auto-search and Auto-save features

Maximum Video formats supported by popular chrome video downloader:

MOV, MP4, ASF, AVI, MPG, and a lot more advanced formats that support chrome extensions

Most preferred Video quality for chrome video downloader:

Common video qualities supported by top chrome video downloaders are 1080p, 720p, 480p

10 popular chrome video downloaders reviewed best across the globe.

To download streaming video from any specific website like Twitter, Reddit, Instagram, or any YouTube video there are so many video downloaders for chrome with maximum format support but to choose one best suitable chrome video downloader is a little hectic as every video downloader chrome extensions are developed with enhanced features to improve the quality, standard, and user convenience of that particular chrome video downloader.

Below we've included some of the best chrome videos downloaders to help you out:

  1. Video Downloader Premium

Video Downloader Premium

The Video Downloader Premium is a compatible browser plugin and a stream downloader that allows audio/video download almost from any website on the internet. It greatly supports downloading video through the most popular social media platforms and sites like FB, Vimeo, Blip, Metacafe, Dailymotion, and so on. The flash video downloader is available for free on the internet with simple-to-use features.

  • Fast video access and downloading

  • Supports maximum video quality & formats

  • User can easily copy the video URL

  • Pop-up for preview before downloading

  1. Video downloader professional

Video downloader professional

One of the safest video downloader chrome extensions Video Downloader Professional protects your data privacy and unethical access of any third-party app. The video downloader professional can download videos of any length by request to the original site and keep complete information of these video sites. The video downloader professional doesn't allow YouTube videos download due to chrome limitations.

  • Videos are downloaded to a hard disk right from the website playlist

  • Give a range of video downloading formats

  • Maximum video resolution capacity

  • Play Mp4 video on TV or Google Home through Chromecast

  • Quick download and play of videos in the saved playlist

  1. Stream Video Downloader

Stream Video Downloader

The stream video downloader is a powerful stream downloader that downloads any streaming video online right from the websites including other videos from various video sites. The HLS streaming videos are merged to the mp4 playlist right after the complete video download. It is one of the popular browser extensions that supports live streaming video download.

  • One minute video downloader chrome

  • Quick video downloading for free

  • Support video recording online

  • Highly compatible stream downloader

  1. Flash Video Downloader

flash Video Downloader

Top-rated free Flash Video Downloader is a chrome browser extension that helps the user to download videos from mp4 to HD quality. It has a simple user interface with easy features that enhance user-convenience to download videos and even enjoy later offline. Support video resolutions and formats like mp4, 3GP, WebM, and many other device and browser compatible formats.

  • Allows download and video conversion

  • Supports almost every available format online

  • Video downloading is officially in 50 plus languages

  • Compatible with maximum devices and browsers commonly used today

  1. 4K Video Downloader

4K Video Downloader

The 4K Video Downloader chrome performs like a cross-media platform video chrome downloader for Mac, PC, and Linux. Users can download and save personal playlists right from web or youtube channels online.

  • Support 3D + 360 degree video resolution

  • Extract audio from any YouTube video in any format like mp3, M4A, OGG

  • Easily download videos of different languages ​​with subtitles/ without subtitles

  • Best video quality in 1080P, 720 p, 4K, 2K,480p

  • Supports maximum video sites available online

  • Allows in-app proxy access and download

  1. i TubeGO


iTubeGO is not only a video downloader chrome but a platform that allows watching, downloading, and sharing your favorite video content with different SD and UHD video quality. It is a kind of downloader that allows to extract audio from video and save it in any high -quality video formats including 320kbps Mp3 from every popular music site. The auto-download of subtitles from more than 50 languages ​​makes it worth chrome video downloader for users to import and watch the videos in their comfort.

  • Auto search the playlist, channels, TV series, and movies online

  • Allows unlimited video downloading without a mess

  • Easily converts YouTube videos to mp4, mp3, m4a, avi, etc

  • Turbo Fast 10 X download speed with multi-thread technology

  • The Youtube cutter helps you to crop and save the part of the video you wish

  1. Turbo Download Manager

turbo Download Manager

The Turbo Download Manager is a multi-threaded download browser that has built-in tools for fast downloading. Live stream downloader with decryption support that allows easy downloading on the low-speed network. The site spider helps users to detect and download any audio/ video from the web. The video downloader chrome Turbo supports all the commonly used formats online for free. It has a simple-looking interface that is easy even for new users to download their favorite videos.

  • Allows fast video downloading from YouTube & other social media platforms

  • Integrated social media platforms and video sharing sites

  • Copy-paste your favorite video URL to search the videos for download

  • With the maximum format and resolution support, it also gave download mp3

  • Customize playlists, picture-in-picture mode, dark mode like amazing features

  1. Addoncrop


The chrome video downloader addoncrop is a quality browser extension well known as an online website for users worldwide. One of the best free chrome extension video downloaders that enhances user experience through the simple and soothing interface. The Addoncrop web browser extension supports all the majorly used browsers like firefox, opera, chrome, etc.

  • Download video & Gifs in 4K, 2K, 1080p, 780p

  • Support most common video formats like Mp3, Mp4, FLV, WebM

  • Convert Youtube videos in Mp3 while supporting 96Kbps, 128kbps bitrate

  • One destination for various video downloaders ad converter

  1. Video Download Helper

video Download Helper

The popular chrome video downloader Video Download Helper works as an extension for Firefox and Chrome browsers. It allows video downloading while streaming videos. It is likely meant to be safe until you're using the official link to download videos from chrome. The downloaded videos are safely stored on the user's device in the desired formats.

  • Easy to search videos
  • Support HLS video streams and DASH videos
  • Download image galleries in bulk
  • Blacklist domains feature to restrict unusual Ads
  • Control maximum downloads and able to convert slideshow in videos
  1. Video Downloader Plus

video Downloader Plus

Video Downloader Plus is a safe browser extension that can download maximum videos from various video sites. Easy to use especially those anime lovers who love to watch anime videos. Most convenient browser extension video downloader that cast videos through Chromecast that plays videos directly on the TV.

  • Simple click video download
  • Save in account that helps to watch videos later anytime
  • Enables 2K, 4K downloading of videos to watch on TV or any device

Video downloader chrome extensions and their other useful convenience:

Chrome browser enables a user to customize their favorite extensions to download videos or to do any specific task with the help of any chrome video downloader they prefer. Also, it allows adding unlimited chrome extensions that you want to use or require assistance for different purposes without interrupting your data security or any other system information while keeping them safe. These video downloader chrome extensions are designed with great convenience with a user–friendly interface to ease out users with download streaming videos or any popular YouTube video online.

Closing thoughts:

All the above-discussed chrome video downloaders are best to my knowledge and described in detail to find one best video downloader for chrome that will solve your video downloading issues and help you download your favorite video right from various social media platforms or websites. Hope the content serves you the best. Stay tuned for the latest tech stories and updates. Thanks

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StreamFab All-In-One
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StreamFab All-In-One
StreamFab All-In-One
The best video downloading solution allows you to download videos from any streaming sites.
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Y2Mate DRM Downloader
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