Netflix is a great streaming service, where subscribers can watch Christmas Classics like The Holiday and White Christmas and original content like Holidate, Jingle Jangle, and The Princess Switched. It is just after thanksgiving and people are ready to fill their insatiable appetite watching thebest Christmas movies on Netflixincluding Hallmark-Esque originals The Knight before Christmas and The Holiday Calendar.

You can even download the top orromantic Christmas movies on Netflixto watch on the go or offline at your convenience. Just be prepared to get in the holiday mood watchingfamily Christmas movies on Netflix!

27 Must-Watch best Christmas movies on Netflix

Watch a good blend of romantic, comedy, andbest family Christmas movies on Netflix. Get in the holiday spirit with hot chocolate or eggnog to watch a movie that reminds you of the Christmas bells and Santa.

Best Christmas Movies on Netflix

1.A Boy Called Christmas

A Boy Called Christmas

Genre- Adventure, Fantasy, Family, Drama

Director- Gil Kenan

Cast- Maggie Smith, Joel Fry, Isabella O’Sullivan

Writers- Ol Parker, Matt Haig, Gil Kenan

Runtime- 1hr 46m

Released on Netflix- 2021

Rating- 6.8/10

2. A Castle For Christmas

A Castle For Christmas

Genre- Adventure, Family, Comedy

Director- Mary Lambert

Casting - Brooke Shields, Cary Elwes, Less Ross

Writers- Ally Carter, Kim Beyer-Johnson

Runtime- 1hr 38m

Released on Netflix-2021

Rating- 5.5/10

3. Single All The Way

Single All The Way

Genre- Drama, Romance, Comedy

Director- Michael Mayer

Casting- Michael Urie, Luke Macfarlane, Philemon Chambers

Writer- Chad Hodge

Runtime- 1hr 39m

Released on Netflix-2021

Rating- 6.3/10

Good Christmas movies on Netflix

4. Jingle Jangle: A Christmas Journey

Jingle Jangle: A Christmas Journey

Genre- Family, Musical, Fantasy

Director- Davis E. Talbert

Casting - Forest Whitaker, Hugh Bonneville, Keegan-Michael Key

Writer- David E. Talbert

Runtime- 2hr 2m

Released on Netflix- 2020

Rating- 6.5/10

5. Dance Dreams: Hot Chocolate Nutcrackers

Dance Dreams: Hot Chocolate Nutcrackers

Genre- Documentary, Family

Director- Oliver Bokelberg

Casting - Tichina Arnoid, Ryan Phuong, Debbie Allen

Runtime- 1hr 20m

Released on Netflix- 2020

Rating- 7.2/10

6. Operation Christmas Drop

Operation Christmas Drop

Genre- Family, Romance, Comedy

Director- Martin Wood

Casting - Kat Graham Alexander Ludwig

Writer- Trezzo Mahoro

Runtime- 1hr 35m

Released on Netflix- 2020


Family Christmas movies on Netflix

7. Dolly Parton’s Christmas of many colors: Circle of Love

Dolly Parton’s Christmas of many colors: Circle of Love

Genre- Family, Drama

Director- Stephen Herek

Writer- Pamela K. Long

Cast- Kelli Berglund, Alyvia Alyn Lind, Gerald McRaney

Runtime- 1hr 25m

Released on Netflix- 2016

Rating- 7.8/10

8. A Christmas Prince: The Royal Baby

A Christmas Prince: The Royal Baby

Genre -Family Romance

Director -John Schultz

Cast -Rose Mclver, Alice Krige, Ben Lamb

Writer -Karen Schaler, Nate Atkins

Runtime -1hr 24m

Released on Netflix -2019

Rating -5.4/10

9. The Christmas Chronicles

The Christmas Chronicles

Genre- Family, Comedy, Adventure

Director- Clay Kaytis

Cast- Kurt Russel, Judah Lewis, Darby Camp

Writer- Matt Lieberman, David Guggenheim

Runtime- 1hr 44m

Released on Netflix- 2018

Rating- 7.0/10

Funny Christmas movies on Netflix

10. Let It, Snow

Let It, Snow

Genre- Comedy, Romance

Director- Luke Snellin

Cast- Isabela Merced, Odeya Rush, Shameik Moore

Writer- Laura Solon, Kay Cannon, Victoria Strouse

Runtime- 1hr 32m

Released on Netflix- 2019

Rating- 5.8/10

11. The Princess Switch

The Princess Switch

Genre- Comedy, Family, Drama

Director- Mike Rohl

Cast- Vaness Hudgens, Sam Palladio, Nick Sagar

Writer- Robin Berheim, Megan Metzger

Runtime- 1hr 41m

Released on Netflix- 2018

Rating- 6.1/10

12. Holiday Rush

Holiday Rush

Genre- Comedy, Family, Drama

Director- Leslie Small

Cast- Romany Malco, Darlene Love, Sonequa Martin-Green

Writer- Sean Dwyer, Greg Cope White

Runtime- 1hr 32m

Released on Netflix- 2019

Rating- 4.9/10

New Christmas movies on Netflix

13. The Princess Switch 3: Romancing the Star

The Princess Switch 3: Romancing the Star

Genre- Comedy, Drama, Family

Director- Mike Rohl

Cast- Vanessa Hudgens, Sam Palladio, Remy Hii

Writer- Robin Bernheim, Megan Metzger

Runtime- 1hr 46m

Released on Netflix- 2021

Rating- 5.5/10

14. Father Christmas is Back

Father Christmas is Back

Genre- Comedy

Director- Mick Davis, Philippe Martinez

Cast- Elizabeth Hurley, John Cleese, Kelsey Grammer

Writer- David Conolly, Hannah Davis, Dylanne Corcoran

Runtime- 1hr 45m

Released on Netflix- 2021

Rating- 4.5/10

15. Love Hard

Love Hard

Genre- Comedy, Romance

Director- Hernan Jimenez

Cast- Nina Dobrev, Darren Barnet, Jimmy O. Yang

Writer- Daniel Mackey, Rebecca Ewing

Runtime- 1hr 44m

Released on Netflix- 2021

Rating- 6.3/10

Kids Christmas movies on Netflix

16. An Elf’s Story: The Elf on the Shelf

An Elf’s Story: The Elf on the Shelf

Genre- Animation, Fantasy, Family

Director- Chad Eikhoff

Cast- Voices of Brendan Dooling, Michael May, Doug Williams

Writer- Chanda Bell, Carol Aebersold, Christa Pitts

Runtime- 23m

Released on Netflix- 2011

Rating- 5.1/10

17. Rudolf the red-nosed Reindeer

Rudolf the red-nosed Reindeer

Genre- Animation, Comedy, Adventure

Director- Larry Roemer

Cast- Voices of Billie Mae Richards, Burl Ives, Larry D. Mann

Writer- Romeo Muller, Johnny Marks, Robert May

Runtime- 47m

Released on Netflix- 1964

Rating- 8.0/10

18. A Charlie Brown Christmas

A Charlie Brown Christmas

Genre- Animation, Drama, Comedy

Director- Bill Melendez

Cast- Voices of Ann Altieri, Chris Doran, Sally Dryer

Writer- Charles M. Schulz

Runtime- 25m

Released on Netflix- 1965

Rating- 8.4/10

Top Christmas movies on Netflix

19. Holly Star

Holly Star

Genre- Comedy

Director- Michael A. Nickles

Cast- Katlyn Carlson, Erik Van Wyck, Micheal A. Nickles

Writer- Michael A. Nickles

Runtime- 1h 31m

Released on Netflix- 2018

Rating- 5.2/10

20. Falling for Christmas

Falling for Christmas

Genre- Romance, Sport, Drama

Director- Chris Will Wolf, Christie Will

Cast- Leah Renee, Lisa Whelchel, Niali Matter

Writer- Barbara Kymlicka

Runtime- 1hr 27m

Released on Netflix- 2016

Rating- 6.3/10

21. Finding Father Christmas

Genre- Romance, Drama

Director- Terry Ingram

Cast- Erin Krakow, Niali Matter, P. Lynn Johnson

Writer- Robin Jones Gunn, David Golden

Runtime- 1hr 24m

Released on Netflix- 2016

Rating- 6.9/10

Romantic Christmas Movies on Netflix

22. A Christmas Prince

A Christmas Prince

Genre- Romance, Comedy, Family

Director- Alex Zamm

Cast- Rose Mclver, Alice Krige, Ben Lamb

Writer- Karen Schaler, Nate Atkins

Runtime- 1hr 32m

Released on Netflix- 2017

Rating- 5.8/10

23. Christmas Inheritance

Christmas Inheritance

Genre- Romance, Comedy, Drama

Director- Ernie Barbarash

Cast- Eliza Taylor, Jake Lacy, Andie MacDowell

Writer- Dinah Eng

Runtime- 1hr 44m

Released on Netflix- 2017

Rating- 5.7/10

24. Holiday In The Wild

Holiday In The Wild

Genre- Romance, Drama, Comedy

Director- Ernie Barbarash

Cast- Rob Lowe, Fezile Mpela, Kristin Davis

Writer- Neal Dobrofsky, Tippi Dobrofsky

Runtime- 1hr 25m

Released on Netflix- 2019

Rating- 6.2/10

Best Family Christmas movies on Netflix

25. Elf


Genre- Family, Adventure, Comedy

Director- Jon Favreau

Cast- Will Ferrell, Bob Newhart, James Caan

Writer- David Berenbaum

Runtime- 1hr 37m

Released on Netflix- 2003

Rating- 7/10

26. Home Alone

Home Alone

Genre- Family, Comedy

Director- Chris Columbus

Cast- Macaulay Culkin, Daniel Stern, Joe Pesci

Writer- John Hughes

Runtime- 1hr 43m

Released on Netflix- 1990

Rating- 7.6/10

27. The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Genre- Family, Drama, Comedy

Director- Michael M. Scott

Cast- Brooke Burns, Warren Christie, Henry Winkler

Writer- Bruce Graham

Runtime- 1hr 28m

Released on Netflix- 2008

Rating- 7.3/10

With Netflix, people can enjoy watching classics and new flick releases at home. TheKids Christmas movies on Netflixare available for the entire season, so you can watch them anytime. Thebest Christmas movies on Netflixinclude the special and originals available to stream, just check the list!

Upcoming movies on Netflix this Christmas

The Christmas countdown is officially started. The upcomingbest Christmas movies on Netflixinclude -

  • 1000 miles from Christmas- A Spanish rom-com, where a man who hates Christmas ends up learning the real holiday meaning….

  • Grumpy Christmas- A cranky oldie expelled from the senior living center moves with his separated son….

  • A Naija Christmas- A comedy movie where three siblings scramble to find their dates…..

  • A California Christmas- A romantic story at a remarkable winery between Joseph and Callie…..

  • How to Ruin Christmas: Season 2- South African Holiday sequence continues to follow Tumi and Khaya’s love…..

  • Carolin Kebekus: The Last Christmas Special- Carolin Kebekus gags about how things in this bright and merry holiday season can turn someone into a scrooge….

  • David and the Elves- A elf and a depressed young boy’s adventure in the Scandinavian Mountains…..

  • Shaun the Sheep: The Flight Before Christmas- Shaun goes in search of dear friend Timmy taken during farmhouse raid…..

  • The Great British Baking Show: Holidays - Season 4- GBBS reunites past seasons fan favorites to make canapés, cake pops, and more…..

  • Single All the Way- A young man accompanied by his best friend [pretending to be his boyfriend] visits home to find that his mother has set a blind date for him…..

How to download the best Christmas movies on Netflix for offline watching?

Netflix is a leading OTT platform with a massive audience and vast content library that keeps them entertained. At times, you may miss your favorite episode or stream and desire to watch this later. The only solution is to download and watch offline.

Netflix allows downloading but has an expiry date, generally 30-days. If you watch the downloaded content instantly then it is eliminated after 48 hours. The majority of megahits and blockbusters don’t have a download option, so you cannot download them even from the Netflix app.

Netflix is following the OTT norms associated with its download policy. Besides, screen recorder quality is poor and will not fulfill your offline watching experience. To resolve all these issues install third-party software and enjoy your offline watching experience. Below is a list of some common Netflix downloaders.

1. KeepStream Netflix Downloader

Some of the impressive features of KeepStream that can help to download thetop Christmas movies on Netflixfor watching without Wi-Fi are given below.

KeepStream Netflix Downloader

  • Save Netflix downloads in 1080p or 4K & 8K without hassle.

  • The stereo soundtrack is in 5.1AAC quality for a great listening experience.

  • The fastest operational app thus saves time in bulk downloads.

  • Customize the metadata and subtitles for better understanding.

  • Watch downloaded movies offline without ads interruption.

2. Y2Mate Netflix Downloader

Y2Mate Netflix Downloader offers high-quality downloads of thebest Christmas movies on Netflix. Choose the resolution you desire 1080p or 4k or 8k [original video needs to support]. Downloading from Y2Mate is simple and easy.

Y2Mate Netflix Downloader

  • Install and start Y2Mate Netflix downloader.

  • From the downloaders, interface choose Netflix streaming service.

  • Log in to your Netflix account and choose the video you desire to download.

  • Choose audio & subtitle and click on the Play icon.

  • As soon as the video starts playing the Y2Mate downloader will start downloading automatically.

3. MyStream Netflix Downloader

Netflix is available all around the world but the majority of original Netflix content is created from the American audience, so is not accessible in other regions or countries. Fortunately, with MyStream downloader you gain access to movies, serials, and videos from any region or country including France, Japan, Germany, the US, and the UK.

Netflix has an inbuilt download option but there are some constraints like all content cannot be downloaded. The downloaded content has an expiry date, which means you cannot watch or store the downloaded title forever to watch offline. Therefore screen recorders like FLVTO MyStream downloader is a great option to downloadfun Christmas movies on Netflixand keep holiday spirits high.

  • Install & start IceStream Downloader.

  • Pick Netflix service and log in from within the app.

  • Choose the content for downloading.

  • Choose subtitle and audio

  • Start the Play button and the software will start downloading from its screen.

4. BBFly Netflix Downloader

With BBFly Netflix downloader you can enjoy watching thetop Christmas movies on Netflixwithout time constraints or whenever you desire.

BBFly Netflix Downloader

The system requirements are -

  • Windows 10/11/8.1/8/7

  • Intel i3 or more

  • 40+GB free hard disc space

  • 4GB RAM

  • Speedy and stable internet connection

5. IceStream Netflix Downloader

The download efficiency of the IceStream Netflix downloader is amazing. Within 5 minutes, you can download one of thegood Christmas movies on Netflix, and that too is high quality. Add subtitles to downloads or save them as .srt files.

The batch download means when you choose a series part, the downloader gathers the episodes information. You can select multiple episodes for simultaneous downloading.

6. StreamFab Netflix Downloader

Downloadromantic Christmas movies on Netflixwith StreamFab in 1080p video quality to watch offline without restrictions. Save the download in MP4 format and audio quality in EAC3 5.1. Choose subtitles and audio in a known language, especially the ones in a foreign language.

  • Install, open, and choose the Netflix website from the Streaming services menu.

  • Sign in to your Netflix account and browse around for the video you plan to download.

  • Play the video and click on the download button.

Final Word

The holiday season countdown starts from Thanksgiving. Start adding thebest Christmas movies on Netflix, you desire to watch with your family or loved ones in the wish list. You can even download theKids Christmas movies on Netflixusing Y2Mate Netflix Downloader for watching later.

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