Twitch is a leading name in live streaming. Before you learn how to live stream on Twitch, you need to understand how important it is to choose a username. A username is an ID that a person needs to use for accessing an online service a network or a computer. Twitch username means an ID you created during signup to access your Twitch account. Username is your login name on the Twitch channel and you need to choose it wisely.

What Is the Importance of Right Twitch Username?

Twitch username makes a huge impact on the viewers and followers of your channel. There are myriads of Twitch channel streamers, so ensure to choose a unique username to make your channel stand out. You can’t change Twitch username often. There are some Twitch policies for username renaming, so you need to be careful in choosing a username.

How to Choose the Right Twitch Username?

A punchy and brief Twitch username is memorable but if it is longer than to recall it can be hard. During registration, when you start brainstorming for a unique Twitch user name then ensure to keep it around 12 to 14 characters. You may forget down the road if you go beyond. You may need login details to get Twitch TV activate code to connect it with your Xbox or Firestick. So ensure that the Twitch username is memorable.

Memorable doesn’t mean it has to be easy to utter or speak. The reality is that names difficult to say can be remembered with ease. It has to relate to your streaming style and niche. For branding, use something relevant to the content you will produce.

Choose a name that makes you proud and not hate later. Usernames like ‘cute-as.ducks’ or ‘Badkarma’ or ‘babydoodles’ will seem funny if you are catering to your friends but for expanding your viewer base choose something professional.

Ideas to Create a Unique Twitch Name

  • Prepare a list of meaningful and interesting keywords suitable to your brand, style, and traits.
  • Combine keywords with some variations and create a username.
  • Use Twitch Checker to find out if the username is available or not.
  • Eve check if it is available on other platforms because it will be used on every social platform. For your fans, it makes finding and engaging with you from different channels easy.

Can You Change Your Twitch Username?

There may be some reasons to rename your Twitch username and before we learn how to change Twitch username get to know the protocols. The Twitch username can be changed just once and that is after every 60 days or 2 months.

What to Consider Before You Move to Learn How to Change Twitch Username?

Twitch username change is a straightforward process but you need to consider what happens if you will make changes.

  • No redirection of existing URL - With Twitch username change, you will lose the URL juice and followers. It will not be automatically transferred to the new URL or username. This will make it hard for fans to find your streams. You will have to share your new URL with your followers, so they can continue viewing your streams. You will also need to update this URL anywhere it is currently used.
  • Delayed ad revenue - A Twitch partner’s revenue does not get affected but there can be delays for the day username changes are made.
  • Unable to make username changes for 60 days - According to Twitch username change policies, you can make changes only after 2 months from the date.
  • You cannot escape the chat bans or timeouts - Twitch username change does not give you the chance to escape the chat bans or timeouts.
  • Unable to get old username back - The old username is kept for six months and recycled. Fortunately, for partners and affiliates, the old username is not recycled. If your username is taken after it got recycled then you will not get it back. However, if you feel that even if it is taken it is not in use then download the Google Chrome extension - Twitch Username & User ID translator, to see the activity on the recycled user ID. If the login activity of the account is dead for a minimum of 12 months then you will know when the user ID will be available. Usernames are freed for re-registration without notification if specific registered trademarks are violated and active impersonation is identified.
  • Can other people use my old username - Other people can use your old username after it is recycled. However, Twitch will delete profile details and content from this account before releasing it to new account holders.
  • Can I change my name back to my old one after a name change? - If the old username is available for reregistration you can switch back but there will be a wait for a minimum of six months.
  • How can I stop my old account from getting reclaimed? - As long as you log in to your account now and then, it gets refreshed automatically and eliminated from the deletion account list.

How to Change Twitch Username?

Twitch user name change is not recommended, so only decide to make changes in some situations like -

  • Your username is hard to pronounce - Some Twitch streamers may avoid talking about a subject or person if they are unable to pronounce it correctly.
  • You have random letters or numbers in the username - Names like KxXixXnxXg or k7999ing is hard to remember even if added for style.
  • Your username resembles a popular streamer - The popular streamer was not in the picture when you chose the username but now people will take your channel less seriously. Also, never use the names of athletes or celebrities. It is hard for your fan to find you outside Twitch.
  • Your username is irrelevant to your Twitch brand - Remember a well-branded name will represent you, your channel, and your followers.

Changing Twitch username is as simple as using Twitch VOD Downloader. Unfortunately, it will have potential side effects like rebranding, getting lost and if you sold merchandise with your brand then fans will not like it. However, if Twitch username change is the right call then you can change it from your mobile without waiting to go home and start your computer.

How to Change Twitch Username on Mobile?

Twitch app for iPhone and Android will not allow changing Twitch username. You can make a Twitch username change on a mobile device from logging into your Twitch account via a mobile web browser.

Here are steps on how to change your username on Twitch mobile?

  • Open Twitch on mobile device browser and in the address bar type -
  • Switch from mobile browser to desktop version tapping 3 dot icons.
  • From the menu choose ‘Request Desktop Site.
  • Click on profile.
  • From the drop-down menu choose ‘Settings’.
  • Inside ‘Settings’ on Profile Tab scroll down and find the ‘Profile Settings’ segment.
  • Your current username will be under ‘Profile Settings’. Click on the edit icon [tiny pencil].
  • A new window appears prompting to change the username. Type the new username then scroll at the bottom and click on ‘Update’.
  • After this, you will be prompted to enter the password and complete the process.
  • Exit the window and the username change process is completed.

You will need to verify an email to confirm the username change action because Twitch will prompt you to do so.

How to Change Twitch Username on Desktop Browse?

  • Open a browser and visit
  • Login to your account and click on the Profile icon.
  • Click ‘Settings’ from the drop-down menu.
  • Under ‘Settings’ choose the Profile tab.
  • Scroll down to the ‘Profile Settings’ box.
  • Click on the edit tool besides your current username.
  • A window pops up, where you will need to type a new username.
  • Click on update [if the username is available then only the update sign will turn purple, so have a couple of usernames ready in advance].
  • Enter the password and click confirm.

You will need to verify an email to confirm the username change action because Twitch will prompt you to do so.

How to Change Username on the Twitch Desktop App?

Twitch username change is possible only from the Twitch app and not Twitch Studio app.

Here are simple steps on how to change your username on Twitch desktop app.

  • Click on the Twitch desktop app installed on your computer.
  • Click on your profile image at the screen’s top right
  • Log in to your Twitch account.
  • Choose Settings.
  • On the Settings section - click the Profile tab.
  • Scroll down and locate ‘Profile Settings’.
  • Next to your current username, there is a pencil icon or edit tool.
  • Click on the edit tool, a prompt appears, where you type the new username.
  • Now, click on ‘Update’. [If the username is not available the update will not click. You will need to type another username.]
  • The username is changed and updated effectively.

You will need to verify an email to confirm the username change action because Twitch will prompt you to do so.

Why Can’t I Change Twitch Username?

Twitch remains leading streaming popular with new users visiting for the first time and some returning. These returning users may have to handle being unable to change username problems. Twitch username change can be frustrating; especially when you don’t desire to lose your account but desire a new username.

Some common reasons to question why I can’t change Twitch username are -

  • With recent username updates, your two-month window to change username again has not expired.
  • The new username you are trying to update is already being used by some other Twitch member, so is not available. You will need to wait until it is freed up before reclaiming it!
  • Your new username violates Twitch’s T&Cs, infringes some registered trademarks, or involves forbidden words then Twitch username change is impossible.

If none of the above reasons are applicable then there is a bug causing hindrance in the username change process.

What to Do If I Can’t Change Twitch Username Because of a Bug?

If your Twitch account is affected by a bug, then try the following fixes to resolve can’t change Twitch username issue.

Many Twitch users reported that while changing username the page kept refreshing. The username greyed out without any apparent reason.

To overcome this greyed-out issue several Twitch users used the following fixes.

Clear Cache & Cookies

  • On your desktop open Chrome.
  • Click on the three dots on the top right side beside the profile icon.
  • Scroll down the menu and click on ‘Settings’
  • Find ‘Clear browsing data’ and click on it.
  • From the Advanced tab choose ‘All time’ and confirm.

The browsing cookies and caches are all cleared successfully. Try changing username on Twitch again and if the issue still persists try the next method.

Use Incognito Mode

On Chrome use the Incognito Mode to overcome the problem. It is because Chrome’s saved setting is not the same in normal window and incognito mode. On the New Incognito window enable the block of third-party cookies and then try to change Twitch username.

Use Different Browser

The problem can be associated with Chrome itself. Therefore use a different browser to change your username on Twitch. You can always choose Chrome after altering successfully.

Choose UR Browser

The UR Browser is best for Twitch streamers. It is a privacy-oriented and user-friendly tool for browsing the internet. It hardly lets you down, while streaming games online.

Some Other Issues in Making Changes to Twitch Username

  • If it is a typo error then you will need to wait for 2 months before correcting it. Therefore before you click on the ‘Confirm’ button double-check the new username you entered. Making a typo will force you into living with it for the next 8 weeks.

Final Word

The process on how to change Twitch username on mobile or desktop [app/browser] is simple. The consequences of Twitch username change must be understood before you learn how to change my Twitch username. Sometimes, you can’t change Twitch username but there are some quick fixes to resolve it.

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