U-NEXT provides services ranging from movies / dramas / anime to e-books such as manga and magazines. After watching a movie, you can easily check out the original manga or original drama, which is very convenient because you can dig deeper into your favorite works without having to go through the trouble of using different apps or services.
U-NEXT also has a 31-day free trial, let's take a look at what plans are available and how to cancel the free trial.

U-NEXT Monthly Plans and Price Details

U-NEXT has two plans, a monthly plan and a monthly plan 1490. It's hard to tell them apart by looking at the titles. Here are the differences between these two plans in terms of prices, services, and so on.

U-NEXT - Monthly Plan

This is an all-in-one service plan that includes unlimited viewing, unlimited magazine reading, and 1,200 points for a monthly fee of 2,189 yen (tax included).
1 point = 1 yen and can be used for various U-NEXT services.
If you do not have enough points to pay for all-you-can watch movies, you will be charged separately.

U-NEXT Annual Contract - Monthly Plan 1,490

This is a service plan specially prepared for long-term customers with an annual contract and a monthly fee of 1,639 yen (tax included) that allows unlimited viewing of movies and use of the unlimited magazine reading service. No points will be awarded.
If you do not have enough points to pay for all-you-can-view movies, you will be charged separately.
Please note that a penalty fee of 5,000 yen (tax-free) will be incurred if you cancel within one year.

U-NEXT Monthly Fee Structure

The service breakdown for the above two plans, Monthly Plan and Monthly Plan 1490, is as follows.

Monthly Plan

  • All you can watch videos for 1,089 yen

  • Unlimited magazine reading 550 yen

  • 1,200 points: ¥550

Monthly Plan 1,490

  • All-you-can-watch video: 1,089 yen

  • All you can read magazines 550 yen

Please note that this service is not offered as an individual service.

Tips for canceling during the U-NEXT free trial

If you cancel during the free trial period, you will not be charged any monthly fees.

Fees during the trial period

There are no monthly charges during the free trial period, but you will be billed for paid items such as rental and purchased items. Please be aware of this.

Last day of the free trial period

If you sign up for a free trial, we will notify you of the last day of the free period to the email address you registered when you signed up.

When you will no longer be able to watch

After you cancel your subscription, you will no longer be able to watch the videos immediately, but if you are on a monthly plan with AppleID billing, you will be able to watch the videos until the scheduled end date.

Other points to note

The service will automatically continue as a paid service on the day after the last day of the free period.

What is the cancellation method for U-NEXT?

The U-NEXT cancellation method differs in operation depending on the application method. Please sort and select the appropriate application method.

How to cancel U-NEXT for those who have registered as a member using Amazon Fire TV / Fire TV Stick

Please follow the procedure below if you have applied for membership using Amazon Fire TV / Fire TV Stick.
Since you are using an Amazon account, you will need to go to Amazon's website to cancel your membership.
From amazon.co.jp, select the menu [Account Services] > [Manage App Library and Devices] to complete the procedure.

How to cancel U-NEXT for those who have registered and added services using the iOS app

Please refer to the following procedure for those who have applied using AppleID.
Since the monthly usage fee for the monthly plan is set for automatic billing via AppleID, the cancellation procedure must be performed on the AppleID account management screen.

  1. Log in to the iOS app.

  2. Select [Account Settings] from [My Page].

  3. Select [Confirmation and cancellation of subscription].

  4. Select [Stop Subscription Service].

Please complete the procedure from the management screen of the AppleID you have moved to.

How to cancel U-NEXT if you have registered as a member using a method other than Amazon account or AppleID

Please see the following procedures for those who applied in person at a website, compatible TV, telephone solicitation, store, or booth.
You can cancel your subscription by logging in to the U-NEXT website and clicking [Account Settings] > [Contract and Payment Information] > [Confirmation and Cancellation of Contract].

U-NEXT Download: IceStream U-NEXT Downloader

U-NEXT itself has a download function, but it comes with various limitations. So how can I save the content I want to watch for a long time?
Downloading U-NEXT with the IceStream U-NEXT Downloader is easier than you think. Let's take a look. First, download and install the IceStream U-NEXT Downloader. You can also do other ABEMA download.

Step 1: Access the IceStream U-NEXT Downloader

IceStream Downloader

Step 2: Play the movie you want to download.


Step 3: Download the video you want.