Disney Plus Group watchis the new feature rolled out by Disney+ to co-watch TV shows and movies with friends from anywhere you are. For example, launch Group Watch Disney Plus and stream the same video with a maximum of seven friends [including the user who clicked on the group watch feature] at the same time or together from wherever you are. Disney+ streaming company added a co-watching feature to allow friends and family to stay connected in this COVID-19 situation that has forced people to stay at home.

TheDisney Plus Group watch same accountfeature has attracted multiple new subscribers because in this lockdown situation millions were stuck inside the house and were unable to watch movies or TV shows with their groups like they normally did. Seven people can use the same account and each one can control the play, fast-forward, rewind, or pause feature for the entire group to keep each one in synch.

Even if there is no chat function yet in the Group Watch Disney Plus feature, you and your friends can respond to the streaming video with six emojis [sad, funny, scared, surprised, like, and angry] that display across the group screen.

Even though all titles can be accessed for Group Watch Disney Plus there are some content restrictions. You cannot stream titles not allowed in your country. Some titles regarded as ‘Premiere Access’ means the movies are new and you will need to pay $29.99 [one-time payment] for streaming. You can watch Mulan, Cruella, Jungle Cruise, Black Widow, and more using the paid feature.

WithGroup Watch on Disney Plus, you can stream the authentic classics. If the group is in a mood for Pixar or Disney animation or a Marvel blockbuster or visit the galaxy with Star Wars then Disney+ has you covered. Rather than paying individually for every Disney show and movie with Disney+ gain access to the entire monthly fee [$7.99]. Recent additions include Star wars, Big Shot & the Falcon, The Bad Batch, The Winter Soldier, Hawkseye, Book of Boba Fette, Frozen, Rise of Skywalker, Avengers, and hundreds of blockbusters.

How to set up Disney Plus Group Watch?

Group Watch on Disney Plusoffers subscribers a chance to stream movies and shows together with family and friends within the same country. Even though Disney+ is available in myriads of countries across the world there are some border and viewing limitations.

Before we discusshow to Group Watch on Disney Plusand start a co-watching party marathon remembers that the participants you invite must also have a subscription to Disney+. The maximum number of friends + family to invite to the co-watching movie party night is seven including the host. The near ones that sync with screens across the web, smart TVs, mobile, or connected TVs can share their response via emojis.

Group watch on Disney Plus works across any kind of device without any need for an app or extension. Currently, it lacks a chat feature but group members can send emoji responses to specific feelings and their reactions are visible on the group screen with their name. Wondering how to set upaGroup watch on Disney Plusthen here are the steps involved.

  • Open Disney+ website or mobile app.
  • Browse and search for the TV show or movie you desire to group watch.
  • A little away from the Play icon, you will see a group of three people silhouettes. Click or tap on that group.
  • A link pops up, which allows inviting 6 near ones to stream with you. Send the link via email, text, or other option the device allows.
  • Your family or friends need to be existing Disney+ subscribers. If they are not then they will need to sign up before joining yourGroup watch on Disney Plus.
  • The family or friends you sent the link using a web browser or ‘invite’ on the mobile app will need to accept your invitation.
  • As soon as the invitees you requested to join your GroupWatch party accept their profile picture appears when they join your stream.
  • Now, any participant can click or tap on the ‘Start Stream’ icon.
  • During co-watching a stream, any participant can hit the fast-forward, pause, or rewind button. Each one can respond in real-time via the Disney Plus app.

Remember, you will need to set up a group through the Disney+ website or app, and then only can you use different devices, if you want. To change devices, boot up Disney Plus on the chosen device and click the GroupWatch icon again.

You have already launched aGroup Watch on Disney Plususing the steps mentioned above and just completed streaming together with your near one, so how to exit from the group watch.

  • After the flick is over you can turn the GroupWatch [three people icon] feature off by clicking or tapping on the ‘Leave GroupWatch’ option on your screen’s bottom-left corner.
  • Everyone in the group has to leave the group in the same way.

How to Group watch on Disney Plus?

What to watch with Disney Plus Group Watch?

You can watch classics, Disney originals, and Marvel blockbusters with friends or family like in old times. Currently, you are locked in your house due to a pandemic and this is an ideal way to hook up with friends staying in the same country but different states.

You can watch 300+ TV shows and 900+ movies on Disney+ ranging from Star Wars to Avengers: Endgame. Fans can host their GroupWatch premier for new Marvel movies like Loki. Subscribers can watch every Pixar movie including Soul and Toy Story, as well as animated Walt Disney flicks. You can even stream together The Simpson's entire 31 seasons. The Premiere Access allows watching blockbusters like the Black Widow together.

How to use Disney Plus GroupWatch on a smart TV?

You can watchDisney plus Group Watchon TV.

  • Visit the Disney+ site or use the mobile app.
  • Choose a movie
  • Tap or click on the ‘GroupWatch’ icon.
  • Copy and mail the invite link to near ones.
  • Wait till they accept your invite.
  • On Smart TV boot up Disney+.
  • Locate the title of GroupWatch you initiated.
  • Visit the title page.
  • With remote choose the ‘GroupWatch’ icon again.
  • Click the ‘Join Stream’.
  • Now you can watchDisney Plus Group Watchon Smart TV!

Disney Plus Group watch PS4

For theDisney Plus Group watch ps4,the setup process is simple.

  • From PS4 device got to Playstation store.
  • Find the Disney+ PS4 app and click.
  • From the access page click ‘Download’ and it will be installed in a few sec.
  • Click on ‘Start’ to open the app and start streaming from PS4.
  • From here you can send invites and create a GroupWatch party.

Disney Plus Group watch Roku

  • On Roku remote press ‘Home’.
  • Open the Streaming channels and scroll to the search channels.
  • Search for Disney+ and choose the ‘+’ sign.
  • Enter Roku PIN for downloading it.
  • Return to the Roku home screen and select the Disney+ app.
  • Enter your Disney+ login details, if you are a subscriber, and start your GroupWatch feature.

GroupWatch Disney Plus on the Same Account

Disney+ allows 4 different profiles for using the GroupWatch feature simultaneously from the same account.

What to do when Disney plus group watch is not working?

Even if the GroupWatch feature was started in the US, UK, New Zealand, and Canada at the same time, it is designed for co-watching among groups living in the same nation. Every country does not offer theDisney plus Group Watchfeature but it is possible to create an international GroupWatch party but you may be unable to access the same content across every region. There are other factors besides unsupported regions that can cause Disney+ not to work. Some troubleshooting tips to use when Disney plus Group watch feature doesn’t work.

  • Check Disney+ server using 3rd party tools. If the server is slow or down then it is Disney+ matter, so wait.

  • Choose another movie from the library and play. It helps to identify if the issue is isolated to some particular show or movie. If other shows play fine then report this problem to Disney+.

  • Temporary errors in the existing session can corrupt your user data, so sign out and after some time log in to your account.

  • VPN sometimes interferes with network flows, which can make it hard for your device to interact with Disney+ so disable VPN and then host another GroupWatch again.

  • Clear browser cookies and caches.

  • Disable browser extension.

Make sure that you keep the Disney+ app updated!

Best Disney+ Downloader - A solution for offline viewing

Disney+ app allows downloading content but can be watched on the same device. You cannot share it wither. Downloads on Disney+ are not available forever. They will be automatically deleted after a specific time, by default.

Y2mate Disney+ Downloader program is a great offline viewing solution. The program downloads Disney+ content quickly and without any concerns about its original resolution quality. According to theNetflix video downloader review, Y2Mate can download content from Netflix at the same speed and quality.

Download Disney plus shows and movies with preferred subtitles. You can remux subtitles into the movies or download them separately as .srt files. Y2Mate Disney Downloader smartly detects your favorite episodes and works secretly in the background to download the new episode whenever it is made available. Multiple episodes can be downloaded in a go as Y2Mate supports batch downloading functionality.

The software even allows downloading extra Meta details including the movie title, plot, or genre. It helps in organizing the media files.

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How to download using Y2Mate Disney+ Downloader?

Here is the main interface of Y2mate Disney Plus Downloader.

  • Download the Y2Mate Disney+ downloader from its official site.
  • Launch it and gain access to Disney+ from the downloader’s home screen.
  • Log in to your Disney+ account.
  • Search for the content you desire to download just like you would from a browser.
  • Play the content within Y2Mate and click the ‘Ready to Download’ icon.
  • The download process runs in the background as you keep watching the content as it downloads.


What is Disney plus watch party?

It is an independent extension from the Chrome browser. It synchronizes with 2 to 3 Disney+ accounts and allows enjoying co-watching. However, your near ones will need to launch the chrome extension of Disney Plus Party. A ‘DP’ will appear on the URL bar.

How to host a Disney plus party?

  • Choose an extension and install.
  • Log in to your Disney+ account.
  • Choose a TV show or movie and start the Play button - click the pause button.
  • Now click on the ‘dp’ [disney plus] button to start the Disney Plus party.
  • Choose ‘Start the Party.
  • Copy & share the URL of the watch party with loved ones.

How to join and watch Disney Plus at a party?

  • Install the extension.
  • Log in to your Disney+ account.
  • Click the URL of the Disney Plus watch part your friend shared.

Can anyone host a Disney Plus Watch Party?

Disney Plus Watch Party can be hosted by a person who has a Disney+ subscription and installed the extension.

Final Word

Disney Plus Group Watchfeature is awesome as it allows six of your near and dear ones to co-watch classic or popular TV shows and movies from the Disney+ streaming service simultaneously. Y2Mate allows you to download as many movies as you desire from Disney+ for Offline viewing on any device you desire.

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