Dramas related to space are definitely something else. The Away TV series is a sci-fi series that will definitely keep you captivated. Ever since the release of this TV show, Away gained a lot of popularity and fans.

If you still haven't watched Away, then you will find this article really helpful as we are going to tell you everything about this amazing series, its cast, how many seasons of Away are there, and more. Plus, we will also tell you how to download movies and TV shows from Netflix, so that you can enjoy offline viewing.

What Is Away All About?

This is for all those who still haven’t watched Away.

Away is a sci-fi TV series by Netflix, which is easily one of the most expensive shows on Netflix. Away currently costs around $6 million per episode! This TV serial stars none other than Hilary Swank and was created by Andrew Hinderaker.

This sci-fi TV series by Netflix revolves around a group of international scientists and astronauts that are led by Emma (Hilary Swank) on their expedition to Mars. This crew leaves for Mars, but little does Emma know about the struggle she is going to face on the journey ahead, as she has to leave her entire life, along with her family, behind.

Now, this three-year-long journey in space has numerous crew members not trusting Emma's ability to command.

Overall, this TV show is all about hope, humanity, and how we need each other in order to accomplish impossible things. The cinematography of this TV series is outstanding, and Hilary Swank has gained her own fan following because of the applause-worthy acting in this TV show.

Who Is in the Cast of Away?

We already told you about Hilary Swank as the main lead character in the Away TV series, who plays Emma, who is the commander of the ship on its way to Mars.

Other cast members on Away include Josh Charles, Vivian Wu, Mark Ivanir, Ato Essandoh, Ray Panthaki, Talitha Bateman, and various other incredible actors.

How Many Seasons of Away Are There?

Currently, Away has only one season. This single season of Away has a total of 10 episodes.

So, is there going to be a season 2 of Away? Or, is this epic Netflix TV series canceled?

Is Away Canceled?

With season one ending, Away fans are eagerly waiting for the next season of this highly captivating TV show, as well as what the future holds for Emma and her family.

But, Netflix is sadly no longer renewing Away for season 2, as reported in October 2020. This announcement came down by Netflix around six weeks after this show debuted on Netflix.

The reason for this cancellation might be due to the ongoing covid pandemic, which made it impossible for production to go underway. Plus, a huge number of advanced special effects are required for each episode in order to create this spectacular space experience. Another reason why this must be canceled is because of the whopping amount of $6 million dollars that each episode of Away has cost!

But, whatever the reason might be behind the cancellation of Away season 2, fans still have their hopes high, thinking of Away being picked up by another network, and resuming this epic TV show. Also, with so much to still explore on Away, we hope we get to see the second season soon in the future!

Where Can I Watch Away Online?

For all those wanting to know where they can watch this epic TV show, let us tell you that Away is currently streaming on Netflix's TV platform.

Because Away is a Netflix Original, you can easily enjoy this sci-fi drama TV show on Netflix.

In order to enjoy Away on Netflix, just subscribe to any one of the subscription plans being offered by Netflix:

  • Netflix Basic Plan for $9.99 per month
  • Netflix Standard Plan for $15.49 per month
  • Netflix Premium Plan for $19.99 per month

Is Away Season 2 on Netflix?

Unfortunately, because Away season 2 has been canceled by Netflix, you should not have high hopes of spotting Away season 2 on this streaming platform.

However, season 1 of Away is still streaming on Netflix, which means you can still enjoy this spectacular sci-fi TV show on this streaming platform.

Plus, there are various other movies and TV shows on Netflix you can enjoy after watching this awe-inspiring sci-fi TV show. 9 Best Time Travel Movies on Netflix You Must Know and 9 Best Korean Movies on Netflix That You Shouldn't Miss are to name a few.

Will Away Get Picked Up by Another Network?

Because Netflix dropped the renewal of Away season 2, most Away fans are wondering whether Away will get picked up by another network.

As per reports, this sci-fi TV series was not entirely owned by Netflix. The Away TV series might have gone by the name of a Netflix Original, but what most people don’t know is that this show was actually produced by NBC Universal, who gave license rights to Netflix.

So, for all those having hopes of Away coming back to TV screens, let us tell you that there are definitely chances of this series going back to NBC Universal’s control in the future.

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Final Words

There you have it- an entire article about the Away Netflix series.

We told you everything you needed to know about this epic sci-fi series, as well as where you can watch it, and whether Away is canceled or coming back for a new season.

In the end, we introduced you to FlixPal Netflix Downloader, which will help you download any movie or TV show you wish to view offline from Netflix, including the Away series.

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StreamFab All-In-One
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Y2Mate Netflix Downloader
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StreamFab All-In-One
StreamFab All-In-One
The best video downloading solution allows you to download videos from any streaming sites.
Y2Mate Netflix Downloader
Y2Mate Netflix Downloader
Ensure You a Streamlined Option to Download Netflix Offline.
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KeepStreams for Netflix
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